Blueear Bluetooth Beanie Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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A Bluetooth beanie, a.k.a., smart beanie, lets you enjoy music or keep up with important calls without exposing your ears to winter cold. Bluetooth beanies are better options than head coverings over bulky headphones or wireless earbuds if you’re engaging in outdoor sports or other physical activities. While the Blueear Bluetooth Beanie is not included in the Best Bluetooth Beanie buyer’s guide, it’s worthy of consideration due to available style choices, support of latest BT tech, and long battery life. See our recommendations for the best clothing apparel.

Why We Like It – Blueear Bluetooth Beanie

The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie is a warm and stylish beanie that’s also a wireless stereo headphone and microphone. Great for winter activities or outdoor sports. Available in different colors and patterns, it has good sound quality and a long lasting battery.

  • Long lasting Li-ion battery
  • Easy pairing to devices
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Somewhat weak volume and fidelity


The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie combines fashion with tech so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and take hands free calls while outside in cooler temps (the name ‘blue ear’ is a cheeky play on words about cold ears as well as about ‘Bluetooth’ headphones). Many find a beanie with integrated wireless stereo headphones preferable to earbuds or a headphone headset in cold weather. The Blueear Beanie has built-in stereo Bluetooth speakers right next to your ears so only you hear music via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, IPOD, or any other bluetooth device. Pairing to a device is quick and easy. This beanie is ideal for running in cold weather, especially if paired with the right running shoes like the Brooks Men’s Adenaline GTS 18.


The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie is 45% cotton 55% Acrylic knit blend. There are several styles and colors from which to choose. Some may want a head-hugging style over which they can wear a helmet, others prefer taller, roomier styling, and some may want a pom-pom at the top. There’s a Blueear Bluetooth Beanie hat in each of these style options, although still not as much variety as is available with the SoundBot SB210 Bluetooth Beanie or the Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie. Blueear follows a design common to most all Bluetooth beanies as far as the active electronics. A 3-button control panel with a built in mic is on one side, with speakers over both ears. All of the electronics are inside the beanie in small pockets. Sound quality is best when stereo speakers are aligned with your ears just right, but even then it’s still never going to be equivalent high fidelity as stereo headphones. An integrated Li-ion battery is rechargeable using included USB cable. Blueear claims the battery will last up to 8 hours due to their support of Bluetooth V5.0 with EDR (enhance data rate) technology.


BT beanies are popular among younger consumers, particularly those who are snowboarders and skiers, and BT beanies are often given/received as a gift. The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie is reasonably priced and is a fine gift giving choice. Women with longer hair may prefer a beanie specifically for their situation and may want to consider a Highever Ponytail Bluetooth Beanie. Finally, remember to keep your valuables safe while you enjoy some outdoor activities. To find one of the best wallets for this purpose, check out our Arw Carbon Fiber Wallet Review.

Blueear Bluetooth Beanie Wrap Up

The Blueear Bluetooth Beanie lets you do your favorite cold weather things while listening to your favorite audio content and/or taking telephone calls. Keeps ears warm and thus there is less pain and fatigue than is sometimes experienced wearing headsets or earbuds in snowy conditions. If your intended use environment is particularly cold then also check out the Redness Wireless Bluetooth Beanie which comes with a neck warmer.

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