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7 Best Wearable Blankets to Relax In 2023

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Choosing the best wearable blanket to relax in could mean the difference between shivering cold and a poor fit and a nice, snug blanket with appropriate-sized foot pockets and arms sleeves. Our evaluation focused on materials, design/aesthetics (e.g. pockets), heat conduction, and ease of cleaning. Also, check out how we evaluated the best clothing & apparel on our list.

After more than 12 hours of research, our pick for the best wearable blanket to relax in goes to the Pavilia Premium Fleece Wearable Blanket to Relax In. It is very comfortable to wear with its highly breathable microfiber fabric, extra wide arm sleeves, and the choice of more than 20 colors to find one that fits your personality best. Keep reading to learn more about the Pavilia Premium Fleece Wearable Blanket to Relax In and other best wearable blankets to relax in available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Wearable Blanket to Relax In

 #1  Pavilia Premium Fleece Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable blanket is made of cushy microfiber fabric with a front kangaroo pouch, a great choice for people who want a lightweight and breathable fabric to snuggle with.

  • Highly breathable microfiber fabric
  • Comes in more than 15 colors and styles
  • Extra arm sleeve room for free movement
  • Not as comfortable to wear while standing up
  • Notably thinner than regular fleece blankets

This best wearable blanket for adults to relax in is made of soft and lightweight microfiber polyester fabric, which does not pill or fray, even after dozens of washes. It is highly functional with extra-wide arm sleeves and a kangaroo pocket to store small items such as cell phones and TV remotes. Its extra length wraps around feet, keeping your entire body covered while seated. If you need something to stay warm while outside, check out our guide to the best Bluetooth beanie.

We love the fact this wearable blanket comes in a variety of colors – everything from neutral tones (e.g. black, brown, and charcoal) to more creative options such as plaid navy and cheetah. With more than 20 options, there is a design and color for everyone. Kudos for easy wash instructions, as it only needs cold water and a tumble dry.

 #2  Catalonia Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable blanket is made of thick microfleece with an extra-wide foot pocket length of 20″, an excellent choice for people who want to keep their feet extra warm.

  • Extra-large toe wrap for comfort
  • More than 10 color options available
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Neck could use a button or clasp closure for snugness
  • Fabric may be too thin for some people

This wearable blanket is tailor-made for snuggling by the fire, starting with a plush microfiber fleece construction that offers plenty of insulation. A 20″ feet pocket and wide sleeves allow for plenty of movement with easy shifts and seating positions for TV watching or light roughhousing. Two front pockets also make it easy to hold a TV remote or cell phone. Our only knock is that it only comes in one size. At 75″ by 53″ which is too large for children and some young teens. Also, remember, to keep your earrings secure so they don’t stick to the blanket. You can do this with the best stabilizing earring backs.

We like the fact this long sleeve wearable blanket comes in more than 10 colors. All of the basic colors are represented (e.g. gray, brown, white) with some exotic ones such as zebra and cheetah colored ones for good measure.

 #3  Tirrinia Poncho Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable blanket comes with an “unfold” tab, making it work great for people who want it to double as an actual bed blanket, for taking naps.

  • Fits beds by unfolding flat
  • Magnetic button for easy collar adjustment
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric for comfort
  • May pill and fray with heavy use over time
  • No sleeves; feels more like a poncho

This wearable blanket is very versatile. It is made of heavier fleece with an unfold construction, which doubles as a blanket or throw wrap cover. Its micro plush fabric is very soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable to avoid an uncomfortable sticky and sweat feeling. A large 55″ by 80″ offers a one-size-fits-all option for all ages.

Thanks to a large kangaroo front pocket, it makes it easy to store remotes, mobile phones, and your favorite bag of potato chips. It is the perfect companion to watching TV or reading a book. Kudos for coming in 9 colors, albeit with fewer “neutral colors” like white and navy.

 #4  Felicigeely Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable blanket is made of hypoallergenic GSM solid flannel with a giant hood, a nice choice for people who prefer to keep their heads warm.

  • Inner sherpa liner for warmth
  • Includes a large hood
  • Easy cleaning instructions (tumble dry and cold water)
  • Neckline may be too tight for some people
  • Flimsy pocket construction; could be better stitched

This wearable blanket is super plush and comfortable with a nice solid flannel construction and inner sherpa lining for a velvety feel that keeps your body and lower extremities very warm. Its one-size-fits-all option comes with a giant hood and a huge kangaroo style pocket to keep hands warm or store mobile phones and TV remotes. It’s the perfect companion to TV watching or reading.

Like all of our picks, this wearable blanket comes in 10 color options. This time, there are much more solid colors, as opposed to others that carry plaid and cheetah options. Kudos for easy cleaning instructions, only needing a cold wash and a low tumble dry.

 #5  Softan Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable blanket is made out of 100% polyester with an adjustable hook and loop, great for people who prefer not to have too loose a fit.

  • Extremely comfortable fabric design
  • Front kangaroo pocket for storage
  • Large arm openings for freedom of movement
  • Polyester materials lack breathability
  • Stitch quality inside of blanket fabric is somewhat flimsy

This wearable blanket to relax in is very nicely designed. It comes in two sizes (73″ by 51″ and 79″ by 67″) with a large foot pouch to wrap your feet in. An adjustable hook and loop go across the back of the shoulder for a nice adjusted fit if you prefer a tighter fitting blanket.

Thanks to a kangaroo style pocket, it is very easy to keep your TV remote and mobile phone stored when not in use. Large arm sleeve openings also provide ample room for moving around without feeling restricted. Our only knock is that it only comes in four colors – navy, charcoal, leopard, and wine. Lastly, cleaning is very simple only needing a cold wash and low tumble dry.

 #6  Winthome Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget-friendly wearable blanket is made out of super-soft polyester and comes in a nice storage bag, a great option, or people who want to carry it from place to place.

  • Includes storage bag for easy portability
  • Comfortable, well insulating fabric
  • Large foot pockets to keep warm
  • Relatively smaller (55″ by 66″)
  • Only comes in two colors (cream and gray)
  • Not as breathable as microfiber fabric

This 55″ by 66″ lightweight wearable blanket is really comfortable and well designed. It is made using 100% polyester, which offers excellent insulation. Extra-large sleeves and arm openings provide plenty of flexibility. Two-foot pockets are also great for snuggling feet in while TV watching.

Our favorite feature with this blanket is its storage flexibility. Including a storage bag for convenience, it can also be folded like a regular blanket to preserve shelf space. We love it for smaller living rooms and dens with not an inch of space to spare. Our only criticism is that it only comes in two colors – cream and grey.

 #7  Beautyrest Ultra Soft Wearable Blanket to Relax In


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wearable electric blanket comes with an attached remote for three heat settings and comes in a U-shaped snuggle wrap, an awesome choice for anyone that wants a bit more control of body temperature.

  • Three temperature settings for comfort
  • Large neck opening and easy slip-on design
  • Ten color options to suit most consumers
  • Seating position needs to be close to wall outl
  • Lower settings may not be warm enough for some people

This electric blanket is very well designed. A U-shaped snuggle wrap with a 36″ opening splits it down the middle, making it easy to throw over the shoulder to stay warm. A 6-foot insulated cord sits within the fabric, connected to a small 6-inch corded remote which offers three heat settings. A 6-foot power cord also reaches easily to any wall outlet. Kudos for a 2-hour auto-shutoff function, which keeps users safe in the event they fall asleep.

Unlike most of our recommendations, the wearable blanket is sleeveless and pantless, so heating is mainly concentrated in the chest, back, neck, and shoulders. It is a bit more therapeutic. We were also pleased to know it comes in 10 fun color options.

How We Decided

In determining the best wearable blanket to relax in, we explored materials, design/aesthetics (e.g. pockets), heat conduction, and ease of cleaning.

Our favorite wearable blanket materials are lightweight and breathable. Microfleece and micro-polyester fabric do an excellent job of this. lt should also carry heavy Insulation to stay warm, even in extra chilling weather. Kudos for wearable blanket materials that do not pill, tear, or fray, even with repeated washes. At a minimum, blankets should also come with easy cleaning instructions requiring no more than a cold wash and a tumble dry.

Design is very important. Many of our recommended picks carry large front kangaroo pockets to stow TV remotes and cell phones. Others place a premium on larger or U-shaped necklines for easy wear and side pockets for the hands.

Other wearable blankets like to focus on extra long arm sleeves and foot pockets for freedom of movement and others offer sleeveless designs, acting more like a poncho to warm the upper shoulders, back, and chest and neck over the entire body. We also prioritized wearable blankets with lots of color options, which range from your basic hues to fun options such as leopard prints and plaid.

Best Wearable Blanket to Relax In Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Materials
    Our preference is for best wearable blankets for adults to use lightweight and breathable materials. Microfiber polyester fabric is great for this. Fleece tends to be a little heavier and less breathable. Kudos for wearable blankets that include faux fur or sherpa-style inner linings that really provide an extra layer of warmth.
  2. Design/Aesthetics
    Wearable blankets come in a variety of styles that speak to design and function. Some are very plain while others carry hook and loop fasteners for an adjustable fit or giant hoodies to keep the head warm. For even greater control, there are also electric blankets that come with 3- heat settings. Our favorite wearable blankets tend to have very large front kangaroo pouches, which makes it easy to put away cell phones and TV remotes. Side and foot pockets also work very well to keep users warm. Rarely do they have inverted zippers.
  3. Ease of Cleaning
    Look for wearable blankets that require no more than a machine wash using cold water and a tumble dry at best. This cleaning method works well with microfiber polyester and microfleece, which can generally withstand a lot of repeated washes without fraying or pilling. For electric wearable blankets, do not forget to unplug any electrical components such as controllers before throwing them in the wash.

Wearable Blanket to Relax In FAQs

What is the best wearable blanket?

The best wearable blanket depends on what you are looking for, especially in cold winter. Sleeveless, poncho-style wearable blankets are easier to wear and provide extra insulation for the back, chest, shoulders, and neck, whereas full-length wearable blankets cover the entire body. Others are made of lightweight and breathable microfiber polyester fabric and others are fleece-based, which tends to be heavier and warmer. It all comes down to your personal preferences and sleeping environment.

Do babies need wearable blankets?

We highly recommend not wrapping your babies in these wearable blankets, which helps middle of the night sleeping. These are designed for teens and adults with its extra-large one-size-fits-all options. Instead, we recommend best sleep sack swaddles, baby sleeping bags, or baby sleeping sacks that are shaped like swaddle blankets and lightly weighted sleep sacks made of soft merino wool, micro fleece, or cotton muslin. All of these do an excellent job of keeping a baby warm. Remember, do not place any loose blankets around your child, even if they are early walkers or do not have a startle reflex.

What do you wear under a wearable blanket?

What you wear under a wearable blanket is totally up to you. Put on extra layers of clothing if it is a really chilling night or keep it to your pajamas under normal room temperature. There are no rules.

What are the best sleep sacks for toddlers?

In our opinion, the best wearable blanket baby 6-12 months or sleep sacks for toddlers are made using merino wool, micro fleece, or cotton muslin. The best sleep sacks are Halo sleep sacks or Woolino sleep sacks are very good and come highly recommended. They are much more durable than a standard easy diaper. Be sure to check with the American Academy of Pediatrics for the latest recommendations.

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