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Best Triathlete Singlet

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After more than a dozen hours of research by experienced triathletes, we’ve chosen the Sundried Premium Padded Tri Suit as our top pick for the best triathlete singlet on the market that won’t break the bank. This moisture-wicking and comfortable piece of triathlon clothing is among the best triathlon gear for beginners that we’ve seen, and it has features that higher level racers will appreciate as well, such as ultra quick-drying materials that help prevent chafing.

In selecting this and the rest of our picks for the best triathlete singlet you can buy, we looked for training and racing gear designed specifically for triathlon training and racing. We looked for quick drying, form fitting triathlon tops that allowed for full freedom of movement while swimming but also held up for long distance bike and run sessions. We looked for subtle padding, form fitting triathlon shorts and sports bras, and materials with four-way stretch and UV-protection. Read on for more of our picks on what to wear for a triathlon; male, female and unisex triathlon gear; and top performing triathlon suits and triathlon shorts.

Top 3 Triathlete Singlets

 #1  Sundried Women’s Premium Padded Triathlon Singlet


WHY WE LIKE IT: Used and recommended by professional triathletes, this is a highly flexible and quick drying triathlon singlet with chlorine-proof fabric and it does an excellent job of blending freedom of movement with long distance comfort.

  • Doesn’t ride up thanks to specifically designed leg grippers
  • Lightly padded for long time bike ride comfort
  • Moisture wicking materials help prevent chafing
  • Sleeveless top may not be preferable in colder or high UV index areas
  • Tends to run small

This triathlon suit features a good amount of support for the bike leg of longer races, including thin but resilient hypoallergenic padding. It also provides great freedom of movement, with a highly stretchy, ultra lightweight sleeveless top that performs well in the water. Moisture wicking fabric helps make it super quick drying, which in turn helps prevent chafing.

Among the most recommended pieces of triathlon gear for entry level athletes and seasoned competitors alike, this singlet resists chlorine and UV, allowing it to retain performance and comfort for a long time. You will definitely look professional in this suit as you work out on the best exercise equipment.

 #2  RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Singlet


WHY WE LIKE IT: Made with technically advanced stretch fabrics, this triathlon singlet women’s one piece provides added convenience thanks to dual rear pockets. it also retains its shape well under the rigors of long distance bike and run training as well as swimming.

  • Ergonomically designed for freedom of movement
  • Form-fitting and retains its shape well
  • Padded for protection on bike rides
  • Not very breathable
  • Sports bra not integrated

Utilizing technical materials that provide form fitting comfort and four-way stretch, this one piece triathlon suit is designed for long distance runs and intense swim, bike and run training. It’s suitable for beginners and serious racers alike, and offers some extra race day convenience thanks to a pair of mesh pockets.

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Other stand-out features include elastic leg grippers that prevent the triathlon shorts from riding up, helping to avoid chafing when going from one leg of the event to the next. The quick drying capabilities of this singlet also help make it among the best triathlon gear for beginners. And it’s also ideal to wear while training on the best bikes or the best exercise resistance bands.

 #3  Sparx X Triathlon Singlet

Award: Best Male

WHY WE LIKE IT: Along with its dual zippers and pair of rear pockets for convenience, this triathlon suit strikes a balance between comfort and support, using specifically designed fabrics to reduce muscle vibration on long distance runs and the bike leg of triathlon races.

  • Ultra-fast drying Italian fabric
  • Gel-filled leg grippers to prevent riding up
  • Compression support to reduce fatigue
  • Fits a narrower range of shapes than some training and racing suits
  • Not as cooling as more breathable fabrics

Made with fabrics specifically designed for triathlon clothing, this triathlon suit offers four-way stretch with just enough compression to help reduce muscle fatigue on long distance workouts. It also has some useful convenience features such as a pair of rear pockets for nutrition gels or other race day essentials.

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Dual zippers make it easy to get into and out of, and the moisture wicking materials provide for quick drying and a smooth transition from swimming to the bike and run portions of a triathlon event. It is also ideal for a workout on the best dumbbell rack or the best exercise ball.

How We Decided

In order to bring you the best triathlon tops and one piece triathlon suits you can buy, we looked for proven race day performance, durability and comfort. We checked off essential features such as leg grippers to prevent the shorts from riding up even when bike riding for a long time. We also looked for convenient zippers and a good combination of breathability and quick drying ability.

We only included triathlete singlets with moisture wicking materials and at least three-way stretch capability. This ensures maximum freedom of movement for swimming and maintaining form during the long distance run portions of an event or training session. Quick drying was considered a must in order to support optimal bike and run performance.

We also looked for durable construction, seeking triathlon gear that would hold up over longer races and provide multiple seasons of use without breaking the bank. To that end, we specifically sought triathlon singlets with UV-resistant fabric, so they won’t degrade from being out a long time in the sun.

Triathlete Singlet Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

Quick Drying

When training for a triathlon and especially when considering the best triathlon suit for beginners, you’ll want something that dries off quickly as you move, both to avoid uncomfortable chafing from wet fabric on the bike and run portions of the event, and also to help your muscles stay at the right temperature. This makes for less fatigue and less metabolic energy wasted on thermoregulation. Look for triathlon shorts and singlets with moisture wicking materials.


Like when it comes to long distance cycling gear, some convenient and yet not too bulky pockets are helpful to have on triathlon clothing as well. This way you can store energy gels or bars, a stopwatch or other training and racing essentials.


Unlike pure running shorts and swimwear, triathlon clothing has to hold up to long distance bike riding as well. That means for best comfort and less fatigue, some padding is preferable. The key is strategic, specifically designed reinforcement that doesn’t interfere with your swim stroke or running stride.

Triathlete Singlet FAQs

What should a beginner wear for a triathlon?

When considering what to wear for a triathlon, male and female racers alike may find it worthwhile to invest in specifically designed triathlon gear, even for beginners. The best triathlon suit for beginners will be one that’s comfortable for long distances and that offers quick drying to help avoid chafing.

What is a tri singlet?

A tri singlet or triathlete singlet is a one-piece article of triathlon clothing that combines a top and a pair of triathlon shorts, typically featuring some padding for the bike leg, along with grippers that prevent the shorts from riding up and chafing. The top of a triathlon singlet women’s edition may or may not include an integrated sports bra.

What is the best triathlon suit?

Different pros and seasoned trainers have their personal preferences, but many athletes find that the best triathlon suits combine support and comfort, being flexible enough not to bother you while swimming, yet offering some compression for the bike and run leg. They tend to be form fitting and moisture-wicking. Some often-recommended brands include Zoot Triathlon and Pearl Izumi.

What do you wear under a triathlon suit?

Depending on the suit and type, you might either wear a sports bra or nothing, as many triathlon singlet women’s tops have built-in support.

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