8 Best Sleep Trackers in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

To help you find the best sleep tracker to track your resting metrics accurately, we have researched many top products, ensuring they provided plenty of helpful information regarding your sleeping habits, including sleep quality, heart rate, heart rate variability, and several other data points. We also preferred wearable models, typically in the form of a watch or a band, that also provided other tracking forms, including metrics related to fitness and calorie counting.

The best sleep tracker we researched was easily the Donerton Smart Watch. This wearable product is a high quality smart watch that excels with tracking a number of sleep-related metrics. This includes sleep quality and heart rate and tracking multiple fitness variables. Moreover, it offers the ability to take phone calls, control music and perform other smartphone-related actions. Keep reading to learn more about the LETSCOM Smart Watch Sleep Tracker and the other products on this list. And in case you want to start working out, check our guide on the best fitness trackers.

Top 8 Best Sleep Trackers in 2023

 #1  Donerton Smart Watch Sleep Tracker

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A high quality smartwatch that excels at tracking a number of sleep-related metrics, including sleep quality, resting heart rate, in addition to doubling as a fitness tracker.

  • 7 days on a single charge
  • Reliably tracks a number of sleep-related metrics
  • Syncs to smartphone for fitness tracking and more
  • No replacement watchbands available
  • Sleep tracking is robust, but dedicated products provide more metrics

The Donerton Smart Watch is actually a durably made and high-quality smartwatch, making this the best wearable sleep tracker that we researched. It accurately tracks sleep-related metrics, such as resting heart rate and sleep quality, and the light form factor means you’ll hardly notice it on your wrist as you rest. In addition to sleep tracking, the Donerton is a fantastic fitness tracker and syncs up with your smartphone to receive text messages, control music, and more. We also loved the built-in battery, which gets seven days of use out of a single charge.

Though we found the sleep tracking here to be particularly robust for a “jack of all trades” smartwatch, we must note that dedicated sleep trackers, such as our number three pick, do take more variables into account. Additionally, there is no way to purchase a replacement band if yours should break down the line. Compare this with the best running watches to find what’s best for your daily workout.

 #2  Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Smartwatch that accurately tracks sleep across 4 stages, in addition to offering fitness tracking, smartphone integration and fully waterproof construction, meaning you can swim with it on.

  • 100% waterproof design
  • Highly durable, made from aluminum alloy and Gorilla glass
  • Tracks sleep across 4 stages
  • 4 day battery life is slightly lower than top pick
  • More expensive than top pick, though made from heartier components

This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Sleep Tracker is a durably made product featuring high quality components, including aluminum alloy and impenetrable Gorilla glass, making this a fully waterproof product. This means that it can be kept on while swimming or while stuck out in the rain. As far as sleep tracking goes, it keeps an eye on your rest periods across four stages of sleep and integrates nicely into a related app, which we found to be both accurate and user-friendly.

If you already have an iPhone, you might want to compare this to one of the best Apple watches. However, this is a more expensive smartwatch than our top pick, though it is made from heartier components and offers more fitness tracking, including swim tracking. Also, the battery here is slightly less effective than what comes with our top pick, allowing for four days of use before needing a recharge. Still, it is one of the best sleep tracking devices today.

 #3  Withings Sleep Pad Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dedicated sleep tracker comes in the form of a pad that slides comfortably under the mattress or bedspread, keeping an eye on not only sleep metrics but potential breathing issues that can lead to health issues such as sleep apnea.

  • Integrated app is intuitive and informative
  • Pad slides comfortably under the mattress
  • Alexa-enabled
  • Needs to be plugged in
  • Does not detect restless leg syndrome activity

The Withings Sleep Pad Sleep Tracker is integrated with the best sleep tracker app that we researched, offering a large variety of information about your sleep quality. The Withings pad slides comfortably underneath a mattress or bedspread and also keeps an eye on your breathing, letting you know if you are likely to develop health issues such as sleep apnea, which can contribute to poor sleep. We also love that this product is Alexa-enabled so that you can access your personal data by voice.

Though the pad is thin and you are likely never to notice it as you sleep, it does need to be plugged into a wall outlet, so you may have to rearrange your bedroom if you don’t have immediate access to an outlet. Additionally, it does not detect restless leg syndrome activity, though it does a great job at keeping an eye on other health conditions. If you have a Samsung, you might want to look at the best android smartwatch instead.

 #4  Beautyrest Monitor Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dedicated sleep tracker is programmed with an advanced AI and a suite of ultra-powerful sensors, resulting in highly accurate measurements, with an integrated app that offers individualized sleep coaching, among other things.

  • Works with all mattress types
  • Offers individualized sleep coaching
  • Intuitive app is easy to understand
  • Must be plugged in
  • Does not monitor breathing

The Beautyrest Monitor Sleep Tracker is a durably made sleep monitoring device that tucks underneath the mattress and functions with any type of bed, regardless of the boxspring. This Alexa-enabled tracker is stuffed with advanced sensors, and a best-in-class AI, that accurately analyzes your sleep state and offers personalized coaching to better improve sleep in the future. We also loved the integrated app, which was easy to understand and filled to the brim with useful and interesting information.

However, like most dedicated sleep trackers, this smartwatch must be plugged in, so make sure your bed is near a power outlet. Also, this product does an excellent job of tracking sleep quality but does not track breathing, a feature our number three pick provides. Compare this to the top rated Fitbits to find what’s best for you.

 #5  L8star Fitness and Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Includes a long-lasting battery, which can get 15 days of use out of a single charge and offers a standby time of 30 days, with an accurate 4-stage sleep tracker and a silent alarm for waking up.

  • Large detailed display
  • Tracks 4 sleep states
  • Silent alarm for waking up
  • Integrated app is not as featured as some picks
  • Not waterproof, though water-resistant

This L8star Fitness and Sleep Tracker is a wearable smartwatch with accurate sleep tracking capabilities that measures resting states along with four metrics, with an included silent alarm that wakes you up calmly and without interrupting deep sleep states. We also loved that it offers full social media integration for the sharing of sleep metrics and the fantastic built-in battery, which gets 15 days of use out of a single charge and 30 days of standby time while only taking two hours to charge.

Though the sleep sensors are reliable, we found the integrated app somewhat lacking, and occasionally challenging to understand. Additionally, this is not a waterproof smartwatch, so try to keep it out of the rain and out of large bodies of water. You might also want to look at the best smartwatch for increased functionality.

 #6  Lintelek Fitness and Sleep Tracker

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly sleep tracker with plenty of high-end functionalities, including the ability to act as a quality activity tracker, with a built-in pedometer and a quick-charge battery.

  • Slim, lightweight and comfortable design
  • Quick charge battery
  • Tracks fitness metrics, in addition to sleep
  • Not waterproof
  • Cannot import data to computer for analysis

The Lintelek Fitness and Sleep Tracker comes in at a budget-friendly price point while still being filled with accurate sleep sensors that can impart all manner of valuable metrics. The quick-charge battery is excellent, with a built-in USB plug, as is the large variety of band color and style options on offer. We also love that it tracks a number of activity and fitness metrics, in addition to sleep.

Though this sleep tracker does integrate with several sleep and fitness apps, including Google Fit, it does not allow you to send information to your personal computer for analysis, allowing you to peruse information only on a smartphone. Also, this is not a waterproof device and, as such, you should not wear it in the shower.

 #7  Samsung Active2 Galaxy Watch and Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Integrates with Samsung’s “Calm” app to identify and reduce stress, with updated and highly accurate sleep trackers and a stainless steel design that we found to be extremely durable.

  • Excellent for stress management
  • Advanced and updated sleep trackers
  • Smartwatch excels at multiple tasks
  • More expensive than other items on this list
  • Battery gets around 5 days on a single charge

This Samsung Active2 Galaxy Watch and Sleep Tracker is a wearable smartwatch that helps with stress and tracking sleep, thanks to built-in integration with the critically acclaimed “Calm” app, which can identify and offer tips to reduce stress levels. We also loved the new suite of sleep sensors, which provide accurate tracking, and the durable stainless steel design. Incidentally, this is a high-end smartwatch that excels with several tasks that go far and above sleep tracking and fitness tracking.

This is a more expensive smartwatch than our other picks, however, so keep that in mind before purchasing. Additionally, we found that the batter only got around five days of use on a single charge, whereas some picks on the above list get as many as 15 days out of a single charge.

 #8  Apple Watch Series 5 Sleep Tracker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Incredibly durable design, made from aluminum alloy, with a gorgeous Retina display and a number of advanced health tracking metrics, including a best-in-class ECG heart rate sensor.

  • Advanced health tracking capabilities
  • Retina display is gorgeous
  • Integrates fully with Apple’s software suite
  • Expensive, compared to other picks
  • 18 hours of battery life

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the highest quality smartphone on the market, boasting a durable design made almost entirely from aluminum alloy and access to a number of different bands, for the purposes of aesthetics. We also loved the gorgeous Retina display and that the watch provides access to a number of health trackers, including an ECG heart rate monitor, which can help further analyze the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Though we loved that this smartwatch allows access to Apple’s entire suite of apps and integrates nicely with the iPhone, it is the most expensive smartwatch on this list. Also, the battery only lasts for around 18 hours before needing a recharge, which is on the low end.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we focused primarily on sleep tracking capabilities, preferring items stuffed with advanced sensors and integrated with artificial intelligence so as to accurately keep tabs on your resting states. Some products on the above list can also warn users of potential health dangers, such as sleep apnea and other sleep-related illnesses.

We also liked sleep trackers that relayed the above information in a useful and intuitive way, usually via an integrated app that can be read on a smartphone. These apps typically offered useful advice, in addition to information, as to how you can get better sleep and what steps you can take to reduce sleep-based anxiety.

We made sure to include a wide variety of different types of sleep trackers, from dedicated designs that often tuck underneath the mattress to wearable smartwatch designs. Dedicated sleep trackers can often provide more accurate sleep information whereas smartwatches can track a number of metrics in addition to sleep, including steps taken and calories burned as you partake in fitness activities.

Best Sleep Tracker Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Tracker Type
    Sleep trackers generally fall into two categories. Some dedicated models typically slide underneath your mattress and above the box spring and there are smartwatches. Due to the nature of their design, the dedicated sleep tracking pads typically offer more sleep-based information and can also track breathing. Some even monitor your sleep environment, movement, sleep cycles and snoring. Smartwatches suffer slightly in the sleep tracking department, but more than make up for it by offering fitness tracking capabilities like heart rate variability and full smartphone integration, so you can read text messages and the like.
  2. Integrated Apps
    All of the above products integrate nicely into some form of an app that can be accessed via smartphone or personal computer. These apps all differ slightly, but most of them allow easy access to weeks and months of sleep-based data points and some offer useful advice as to how you can get to sleep easier and rest more effectively. Depending on the tracker, these apps can analyze much more than just sleep, including heart rate monitoring, breathing, sleep cycles, and a variety of fitness metrics. For example, sleep cycle apps will sense your sleep cycles and give you data about your sleep patterns and sleep stages using the movement sensor and microphone on your phone. You can then check the app for insight on the stages you went through during sleep (light sleep/deep sleep/REM sleep) and get a sleep score plus tips on how to improve your sleep habits based on the data collected and the sleep score. You can track the progression of your sleep quality and habits as you may introduce new variables to improve your sleep like the best smelling wax melts.
  3. Durable Materials
    You will want to make sure that your chosen sleep tracker lasts a long time. To that end, ensure that the product you select is made from durable and long-lasting materials. Many of the above smartwatches, for instance, are made from aluminum alloy or steel, and some feature nearly indestructible Gorilla glass.

Sleep Tracker FAQs

Are sleep trackers accurate?

Many may ask just how accurate are sleep trackers and the answer is, it depends on the product. Dedicated trackers, such as the mattress pads featured above, are often more accurate than smartwatches, though even smartwatches have been getting more advanced in recent years, offering accurate sleep information.

How can I monitor my sleep at home?

We would recommend purchasing one of the above products and give it a go. You’ll be surprised at how far these sleep trackers have come in recent years, as modern sensors are highly accurate across a wide spectrum of metrics.

Do sleep tracking apps really work?

Yes. Sleep trackers are not as accurate as undergoing a sleep test at an actual clinic, but they’ve become much more accurate in recent years, thanks to the inclusion of advanced sensors.

Who are the best sleep tracker manufacturers?

The above list features products from a wide variety of renowned sleep tracker manufacturers, including Withings, Beautyrest and Samsung, among others.

What should I do if one of these devices tells me I am sleeping poorly?

The next step should be to contact your doctor and arrange for a sleep study or to invest in a sleep tracker ring. These rings often include advanced O2 sensors, which can provide even more accurate data as to potential health dangers.
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