Best Men’s Ski Goggles 2019

In order to make the cut for our list of best men’s ski goggles this season, we’re looking for goggles packed with new tech. UV coated spherical lenses with a great peripheral view, helmet compatible design and straps, as well as sleek aesthetics. Form and function come together with our cream-of-the-crop list!

As a result, my #1 pick for the best men’s ski goggle for 2019 is the Smith IO 7 Goggle in blackout styling for a mysterious and luxurious aesthetic. While skiing gear gets more flashy and colorful, you can still stick to your guns with a technical goggle featuring advanced spherical lenses and perfect interchange system.

Best Men’s Ski Goggles 2019

 IO 7 Best Men's Ski GoggleOakley Flight DeckDragon Alliance NFX2
Smith IO 7 BlackoutOakley Flight DeckDragon Alliance NFX2
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Included Lenses212
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How We Choose

Over the last five years I’ve spent more than 500 days on skis and I know what can make or break a great pair of men’s ski goggle.

So what really separates great ski goggles from the rest? Personally, I only accept goggles with technical spherical lenses which offer exceptional peripheral views, coated UV protection, and manly color options. My choices must be helmet compatible too, as more and more skiers wise up to the benefits of protecting their heads when they ride. 

All of the goggles I have chosen are offered by the best ski goggle brands in the industry, each with proven track records of uncompromising gear. We’ve avoided budget and up-and-coming brands to bring you only the best men’s ski goggles available today. Don’t forget to check out my other top ski goggles list for this season too!

Why You Should Buy New Ski Goggles

The goggles of today have evolved rapidly from just a few short years ago, and are the result of improving technology and evolving skier taste. Buying new ski goggles will offer you a lot more than just looking cool on the slopes (though that’s important, too).

Helmet use is on the rise, from men and women to children, all skiers are wearing helmets today. This means older goggles not made to fit helmets may no longer function properly with new safety gear. You need a goggle with enough strap adjustment to be worn with or without a helmet which is exactly what we’ve chosen here. My men’s goggle picks feature highly adjustable headbands and wider attachment points at the edges of the goggle to accommodate your need for a helmet.

New reflective and mirrored lenses are available in every color under the sun, but did you know they actually help protect your eyes too? Newer goggles and lenses are beginning to incorporate wide lenses with a greater peripheral view. This helps with safety, allowing you to see more of what (and who) is around you at all times. On top of that, newer lenses are using UV coated technology to help shed harmful UV light before it reaches your eyes. Because crisp visibility and wide viewing angles are an important part of skiing at your best level and avoiding potential dangers, I feel there’s a strong case to be made for an upgrade there as well.

Without a good goggle you’ll be left skiing in poor, flat lighting which makes skiing difficult and unsafe. Don’t overlook the most critical piece of skiing equipment – choose a replacement goggle today! Choosing the right goggle and lens combo will revolutionize the way you see the snow you’re skiing…literally.

#1 Pick Smith IO 7 Blackout

Smith IO7 Best Men's Ski Goggle

Price: $205 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The black-on-black style says sleek, elegant, and mysterious.

When we say “best men’s ski goggle” the Smith IO7 with blackout lenses is what comes to mind first. Large lenses, refined styling, and a foolproof lens change system make this goggle our absolute top pick. I can recommend them as my top pick for the best anti-fog ski goggles. I’ve skied the last 4 seasons with the Smith IOX goggles (the predecessor of the IO7), and never had an issue with fogging.

With dual-pane lenses these goggles will never fog up even during the most intense shredding. Lenses can be swapped with a simple single-lever adjustment that takes no time and almost no effort. Smith’s IO7 line is a direct evolution of the IOX goggles which I have used and loved for years on the mountain. Ski with confidence that you’re wearing only the best goggle money can buy.

Black lenses are perfect for bluebird sunny days and can be swapped with dozens of colors from Smith’s lineup. Wide anchor points and dual-pivoting straps mean unlimited adjustability with or without a helmet. One of my personal favorite aspects is the triple-layer foam, which seals to the face effortlessly and comfortably so you’ll forget you’re even wearing the best ski goggle for men!

View on Amazon – $205

#2 Pick  Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Best Ski Goggle for Men

Price: $170 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 1

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: With a wide array of great color options, this modern goggle has every technical feature you could want with style to back it up.

Oakley has been producing and refining top quality ski goggles for years. With the Flight Deck goggle we get huge spherical lenses, a multitude of color options, highly sizable straps and so much more. These are definitely the best ski goggles for huge lenses and fashionable statements on the hill.

The rimless frame design maximizes lens real estate, but what does this mean for you? It means an awesome large lens look with uninhibited viewing from the inside. Did we mention the lenses are platonized for 100% UV protection? You’re not going miss a thing with the Oakley Flight Deck goggles this season. Pair them with one of my picks for this year’s best all mountain skis to really send it over the edge!

View on Amazon – $170

#3 Pick  Dragon Alliance NFX2

Dragon Alliance NFX2 Best Ski Goggle Men

Price: $118 | Style: Interchange | Included Lenses: 2

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Dragon Alliance knows how to make a no-frills goggle and the NFX2 is simple, effective, and sleek.

Dragon Alliance has done it again. Another great goggle with unique simple looking styling that leaves plenty of room for people to ask, “What goggle is that?” True to their styling and design, this interchangeable lens goggle has a frame-less look and uninhibited lens. With handfuls of color and style options to choose from, I’m certain you’ll fall in love with this goggle.

DA has chosen to include two lenses with these goggles, which is always nice because you’ll want something a bit different depending on the weather. Use the darker lenses on bright days and lighter lenses on dark days – it’s not complicated. Don’t forget to check out my list of the best ski boots this season to keep your gear as simple as possible!

Hypoallergenic triple-layer foam with fleece lining is made for all day comfort and moisture wicking. Avoid sweaty goggle-face, it’s just not the right look for you. I also like the venting and modest medium fit design. So many goggles today are going bigger while the NFX2 continues to stand its ground.

View on Amazon – $118

Key Factors and Features of a Good Ski Goggle

  • View: Being able to see well will result in two great outcomes: First, you’ll be able to see obstacles, trees, moguls, rollers, and terrain better. This means less injuries and wipe outs because you’ll be prepared for anything the mountain throws your way. Second, you’ll gain improved peripheral vision. New goggles have large viewing angles, and the added peripheral will help you avoid other skiers on the hill.
  • Price: Great skiing doesn’t compromise on essential gear. Ski goggles are, arguably, the most important piece of skiing gear you’ll purchase. For that reason, make sure to leave room in your budget for a top-of-the-line goggle for improved safety, visibility, and enjoyment on the hill. If you’re looking for the best ski goggles under $100, try the Oakley Flight Deck in Sheridan Copper.
  • Helmet Fit: Moving into 2019 we’re seeing more skiers than ever realizing that wearing a helmet is actually a good idea when hurtling down a mountain at high speeds…imagine that! For this reason you’ll want to ensure that any goggle you purchase can fit that nice new brain bucket you’ve got. All the goggles on our list will fit any sized helmet.
  • Lens Types: Lenses are important and stylish. Different lens types offer darker or lighter light transmission for cloudy or blue bird days. Being able to swap lenses is critical for avoiding flat lighting which can leave you skiing “in the dark”, and may lead to injury. Make sure you get a pair of goggles from a great manufacturer offering a wide variety of lenses in the colors you’ll love!
  • Included Lenses: Most interchange lens systems now come with two lenses when you purchase the goggle. If not, no worries! Almost every manufacturer offers a handful of different aftermarket replacement lenses to choose from.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buying the Blackest Lenses: Blackout lenses definitely look rad, there’s no doubt. Frankly there’s nothing wrong with a blackout lens, but remember they allow very low light transmission. You’ll definitely want a lighter lens (yellow or high contrast) for overcast and dark days on the mountain. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference the correct lens will make!

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Skimping on Price: Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your money on your skis. Unless you’re a pro shredder your skis aren’t going to make or break your day on the mountain. Buy a reasonable pair of skis and save a little budget for your helmet and goggle setup. Staying comfortable means more time and more fun on the mountain!

Which Ski Goggle is Right For Me

Don’t forget that any of these goggles are just as viable for other snowsports, so if you’re looking for the best snowboard goggles of 2016, look no further! No matter what your pursuit, I’ll break it down for you so you know which ski goggle is just right for you.

If you’re looking for a fully featured spherical lens goggle with changeable lenses for this ski season, look no further than the NFX2 by Dragon Alliance. We’re certain you’ll love it and the frameless design is totally contemporary. For pure style and uncompromising design go with the Oakley Flight Deck goggles to make a statement while you shred.

For those of you looking for the absolute top performing ski goggle of 2018 and 2019 your bus stops with the Smith IO7. With more lens choices than any skier can possibly need, you’ll never run out of style and colors. Simple and fast lens change system means more time skiing and less time fidgeting with gear. On top of it all, Smith’s lifetime workmanship warranty can’t be beat. You’ll be glad you made the investment.

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