7 Best Dumbbell Racks in 2023

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Updated June 1, 2023

To help you find the best dumbbell rack to keep your weights easily accessible and out of the way, we spent 10 hours researching 12 different products. Our research focused on measuring each option’s ability to hold high amounts of weight and still stay sturdy. We also factored how many individual weights each option could hold, as well as the overall durability of the racks.

After we were done researching the best dumbbell racks, we chose the Marcy DBR-86 dumbbell rack as our top pick for this year. It’s a three-tier option that can hold up to 800 pounds without taking up the bulk of space in your home gym. Keep reading to learn more about the Marcy dumbbell rack and other top-rated exercise equipment.

Top 7 Best Dumbbell Rack in 2023

 #1  Marcy DBR-86 Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 3 tier dumbbell rack is extra sturdy, scratch-resistant and relatively compact without sacrificing too much weight storage capacity. It’s also got a good total weight capacity, at 800 lb,so you don’t have to worry about it buckling under your dumbbells.

  • Extra-sturdy, reinforced frame with plenty of storage
  • Multi-level storage
  • Rubberized feet protect flooring
  • Doesn’t hold full 5-50 lb set
  • May not hold some smaller weights

The Marcy DBR-86 is an all-around excellent dumbbell rack with up to 800 pounds of weight capacity and convenient three-tier design for more ergonomic handling. The ergonomics of this dumbbell rack are increased due to the angled shelves which make it easier to grab and replace any of your dumbbells. It’s also fairly compact, measuring in at just 37” x 24.4” x 31.9.” Be aware that this compact design means some sacrifice in the length department, resulting in the rack’s inability to hold a full set of 5-50 lb. dumbbells on a single row. Instead, we were able to fit four on the row and had to place the remaining weight on another row.

We were impressed with the overall construction of the DBR-86 rack as well. For starters, it features an incredibly durable frame made from reinforced steel. This makes the Marcy dumbbell rack somewhat heavy, although not unmanageable, and it will also last you a long time if you treat it right. The steel is also powder coating to prevent scratching. And to top everything off, the feet are rubberized for greater stability. If you want to add diversity to your daily workout, take a look at the best squat workout equipment for your home gym too.

 #2  CAP Barbell 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dumbbell rack is one of the largest options on our list, offering over 150 inches of space across three, tiered shelves. It’s also incredibly sturdy with an amazingly high weight capacity, at 1,000 lb.

  • Massive 1,000 lb. weight capacity
  • 51-inch shelves
  • Incredibly stable for its size
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Long assembly time

The CAP Barbell 3 Tier dumbbell rack is an extra-large storage option for your weights. It measures in at 51 inches long and 37 inches tall, making it the largest option on our list. And while this large option is great for storing a lot of dumbbells, be aware that you’ll need more space in your home gym for it. However, if you have the space, this is an excellent option. That extra storage capacity also includes a total weight capacity of up to a whopping 1,000 pounds.

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The way the CAP dumbbell rack is built is also something to be praised here. Made with heavy-duty steel, you can be sure that it won’t buckle under the 1,000 pounds of weights you’ll store there. The rack also features a black powder coat finish that prevents scratching and improves durability. You also get rubber end caps on the feet to prevent your floor from being scratched. Each of the CAP’s three tiers is designed to store hex rubber-coated, hex cast iron, pro-style, and chrome dumbbells. The two bottom tiers are also angled for easier access. To add a new level of workout to your home gym, take a look at the best door anchor too.

 #3  Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dumbbell rack is made specifically for certain Bowflex dumbbell sets and as such offers seamless integration with them for increased convenience. You also get a built-in media rack and towel bar to enhance your workout experience.

  • Waist height for easy lifting
  • Includes convenient media stand
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Awkward buckle strap placement
  • Not very portable
  • Only fits select models of dumbbell sets

The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Rack is made specifically for SelectTech dumbbell sets ST552, ST1090 and ST560. Even though this isn’t a universal rack, the added convenience of having a tailor-made dumbbell experience is well worth the limitations. You cannot pass this rack up if you have any of those Bowflex weights. Simply place the sets on either supporting arm and strap them in using the included buckle straps, which keep the weights from falling off. This is nice for safety, but the buckles themselves are placed a little awkwardly. We found that when placing the weights back on the rack, the buckle was in just the right spot to hit your knuckles.

The SelectTech rack is designed really well and surprisingly compact. Its angled design makes it perfect to fit into the corner of your workout room. However, without wheels or an easy way to carry, this rack isn’t as portable as we would’ve liked to see. Its overall build is sturdy and durable, but our favorite features were the integrated media stand and towel bar. You can place your tablet or phone on the media stand to follow along with Bowflex workouts or your own favorite workout app. We also appreciated the overall low maintenance required here. Other than the occasional wipe down, you won’t need to do much to keep it in tip-top shape. If you like to lift weights you might want to grab the best lifting weight straps for your gym too.

 #4  Akyen 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 3-tier dumbbell rack is an extra heavy-duty option made from heavy grade steel with stainless steel screws. It’s also designed with no sharp corners and rubberized feet to prevent damage to your home.

  • Made from thick A3 steel
  • 900-pound capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Shelves are a bit wide
  • Heavy

The Akyen 3 Tier is the best heavy-duty dumbbell rack on our list. The rack itself is made from extra-durable and extra-sturdy A3 steel and assembled using stainless steel screws. In spite of this heavy-duty construction, assembly is incredibly easy to do. The rack is heavy, though, so be sure you assemble it right where you want to place it in your home gym.

The Akyen’s design is worth nothing for its rounded corners on the weight shelves. This way, you’ll prevent yourself from getting hurt when lifting and replacing your weights. The angled design of the rack is unique in the sense that it emulates A-frame dumbbell racks while still providing the capacity and stability that you should expect from a tiered rack like this. The angled design saves space in your room, which is nice. The only downside here is the width of the shelves, which might be a little too wide for some of the smaller weights. And, of course, no home gym is complete without the best medicine ball.

 #5  PowerBlock Large Column Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a Rogue dumbbell rack made specifically for the brand’s weight set. It places the weights at an easier height for you to lift and offers a durable solution to weight storage.

  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Non-slip tape keeps weights in place
  • Simple assembly
  • Plastic base
  • Doesn’t work with other weights

The PowerBlock Large Column dumbbell rack is the best option for your Rogue Fitness PowerBlock weights. It keeps them off the floor and at the perfect height for lifting so you don’t hurt your back bending over to pick them up. This stand is incredibly convenient because it gives you plenty of room to adjust the PowerBlock as you need without worrying about them falling off the stand itself.

This is a steady and stable stand, even in spite of the plastic base, which is the most disappointing design feature. However, we were surprised that the PowerBlock Column Stand stayed in place with minimal wobble even when one side was loaded and the other wasn’t. The rack features non-slip tape on either side to keep the weights safely in place. You even get additional storage space in the middle for PowerBlock 2.5 lb. weights. If you can’t afford this investment right this second, consider starting with the best exercise resistance bands.

 #6  Marcy DBR-56 Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: This dumbbell rack is compact without sacrificing storage space, with spots for weights both on the side and on the central shelves. It’s also sturdy and durable with a powder-coated finish and commercial-grade steel.

  • Dual storage options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-scratch powder coating
  • Feet aren’t rubberized
  • Low weight capacity

If you need a compact dumbbell rack, look no further than the Marcy DBR-56. This free weights stand is only 27 inches long and 21 inches tall, making it the best rack for small spaces on our list. The best part is that it doesn’t sacrifice too much storage space to achieve its compact design. It also doesn’t sacrifice on design quality. You still get a durable steel frame and powder coating to prevent your weights from scratching the rack.

Dumbbell storage comes in the form of two middle shelves and individual weight slots on either side. This gives you more versatility in what kind of dumbbell weights you can store while still providing easy access. The rack was easy to assemble, and it’s lightweight and portable so you can move it around your home gym with ease. Unfortunately, the rack’s feet aren’t covered by any kind of rubber or protective material, so be careful as you move the rack around.

 #7  CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack


WHY WE LIKE IT: Affordable and compact, this option is the best vertical dumbbell rack on our list. It features enough space for 10 individual weights and is plenty stable, both fully and partially loaded.

  • Excellent vertical design
  • Multiple colors available
  • Rubber covers protect rack
  • Limited weight capacity
  • Assembly can be tricky

The CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell Rack is a vertical weight rack that saves you space while still giving you enough capacity to keep your most-used weights off the floor and safely tucked out of your way. While it doesn’t offer as much storage capacity as other options – it’s capped at 200 pounds total – the CAP still has enough for most people’s needs. With five slots on each side, you can hold up to 10 individual weights.

The CAP’s also built well. It features a stable design that doesn’t wobble, even when partially loaded. Plus, it features rubberized end caps to protect your flooring. We were also impressed by the rubberized covers found on each weight slot. This protects both the stand and your weights for added durability.

How We Decided

As we researched the dumbbell racks we researched, we looked first at the overall capacity each option provides. We favored options that could hold a lot of weight and a lot of different kinds of weights. However, we recognize the value of compact and specialized racks, so we also included some of those options on our list.

Next, we only included dumbbell racks on our list if they were built with durability and stability in mind. The best dumbbell racks are built from heavy-grade steel and gave bonus points to racks that included additional durability options like stainless steel screws to connect all the pieces.

Finally, we preferred dumbbell racks that aren’t hard on your weights or on your weight room. For starters, we always gave preferences to options with rubberized feet to protect your flooring. We also awarded bonus points for options that included features like rubberized caps over the weight slots to protect your weights or rounded corners to protect your fingers. If your workout space is in your garage, you may want to consider some great overhead garage storage to help make sure you have enough space for your activities. 

Best Dumbbell Rack Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Carrying Capacity
    Consider how many dumbbells you currently have or the amount that you want to purchase. Then, you’ll want to purchase a rack that can handle that kind of capacity. Carrying capacity is made up of two different factors: how many individual dumbbells can fit and how much weight the rack can handle. Be sure to purchase an option that fits your needs in both areas.
  2. Size
    How much room do you have to store a dumbbell rack in your home gym? If you’re working in a compact space, you’ll need to buy a similarly compact dumbbell rack. However, this also means the rack won’t have as much carrying capacity. Consider the tradeoff between these two features when making your purchase. If you don’t want to lose carrying capacity, but don’t have a lot of room in your gym, you may need to rearrange other workout equipment or consider a medium-sized option. Of course, if you have the room, a large dumbbell rack can give you the best of both worlds.
  3. Materials
    Another important consideration to make when purchasing a dumbbell rack is the materials it is made out of. While it may seem obvious that you want something sturdy and durable, you’d be surprised to learn just how many options you can buy that aren’t built with high quality in mind. Look for options that are made of steel or iron for the best experience possible.
  4. Types of Weights
    Finally, consider what kind of dumbbell weights you plan on storing on the rack. You’ll want to purchase something that’s versatile enough to properly store the weights you have on hand. Or, if you only have one kind of weight, then you can purchase a dumbbell rack made specifically for those options.

Dumbbell Rack FAQs

What is the best dumbbell rack to buy?

The best dumbbell rack to buy on our list is the Marcy DBR-86. It’s made from reinforced steel and features tons of weight capacity. It’s also easy on your flooring with rubberized feet.

Are dumbbell racks worth it?

Yes, dumbbell racks are absolutely worth it. They give you a safe way to store your weights so you’re not tripping over them on the floor in your weight room. Dumbbell racks also prolong the life and quality of your weights.

What is the best dumbbell rack for home gyms?

Any of the options on our list are great dumbbell racks for home gyms. However, the best rack will be the one that fits your needs and the space in your home gym. In our experience, the best racks for home gyms include CAP, Marcy and X-Mark dumbbell racks.

Do I need to bolt down my dumbbell rack?

The safest way to keep your weights from falling down is by bolting your rack to the ground. However, not all racks are able to be bolted to the floor and not everyone is able to bolt something to the ground due to landlord restrictions or lack of knowledge and tools. This is why it’s more important to find an option that’s stable and sturdy without bolting it to the floor.

Are custom dumbbell racks worth it?

A custom dumbbell rack can certainly work best for you if you have a lot of weights or specialized weights that no other rack will fit. However, most of the options on our list will fit the best dumbbell sets, which eliminates the need for making a DIY dumbbell rack.
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