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Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

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The Bellroy Travel Wallet takes many of the sought-after looks of Best Cool Wallets and mixes it with the extensive functionality of the Best Travel Wallet. You get numerous card slots, a place for your passport, and even a slot for a single SIM card. However, it may not be the Best Passport Holder since it’s limited to standard passport sizes.

Why We Like It – Bellroy Travel Wallet

If you not only want a place for your passport but also credit cards, boarding passes, SIM cards, and travel documents, the Bellroy Travel Wallet has you covered. There’s even a hidden pouch to protect important items.

  • Holds up to 10 card slots
  • Additional utility slots
  • Has a hidden pouch
  • Only fits standard passport sizes
  • Big and expensive


There’s no doubting the sleek look of the Bellroy Travel Wallet. It looks premium and has a handful of good colors to choose from, like the snazzy-looking marine blue. Its stitching is excellent and gives the edges some solid definition. It could have used a few more colors and perhaps graphics, but otherwise, a nice presentation.


The Bellroy Travel Wallet is made of environmentally certified leather, giving it the longevity few leather wallets can provide. Its high-quality leather can last several years; in fact, there’s a 3-year warranty tied to the wallet to give you an idea of how confident Bellroy is. It doesn’t share the same water repellent as the Kipling Wallet.


When in use is where the Bellroy Travel Wallet shines the most. Having 10 card slots, a place for your passport, and RFID protection is already a win. Still, it goes a step further by adding a pouch for an additional SIM card, a travel pen, and a hidden compartment for invaluable items (like extra cash). However, it only fits standard passports, so German and Irish passports aren’t supported. If you want a wallet with a capacity to hold multiple passports, check TheTravelambo Slim Wallet with compartments neatly designated for specific items, like SIM cards, passports, credit cards, a smartphone, and money.

Size & Versatility

Another weakness to contend with is how big the Bellroy Travel Wallet is. This isn’t like Travando Wallet, where you can slide it into your front pocket; it’s big, a bit bulky, and would only ever fit inside a jacket pocket. If you’re without a jacket, you’re left to carry it in your hand.


With all that said and done, is the Bellroy Travel Wallet worth it? You can get the same kind of versatility if you pick up Mundi Wallets, but it trades environmentally certified leather for faux leather. In return, you pay a fourth of the price you would for a Bellroy. Unless you’re a fan of Bellroy, there are more affordable options available.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Wrap Up

If you want a travel companion that won’t disappoint, the Bellroy Travel Wallet doesn’t break a sweat. What does disappoint is the price. To justify getting one, you’d have to be a fan of Bellroy, love its style, or both. Outside of that, you can find several dozen equally functioning wallets with style and a better price.

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