Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The Best Cool Wallets can level up your style indefinitely, and the Bellroy Note Sleeve should definitely be on your list of considerations in that regard. With a great color variety and great use of interior space, it’ll be useful for everyone. Check out our Best Smart Wallet list for more great ideas too.


Why We Like It – Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Bi Fold Wallet combines the minimalistic and the high-end to create an aesthetically pleasing and high-performance wallet. The embossed Bellroy logo doesn’t take up too much space on the wallet either, so you won’t be looking like you’re showing off.

  • Good Color Variety
  • Pull-Tab for Easy Card Access
  • Fantastic Space Usage
  • Corners Flake with Heavy Use
  • Expensive


The wallet design for the Bellroy Note Sleeve Bifold Wallet is as simple as they come with a slim design and with the Bellroy logo embossed on the bottom right of the wallet. Not too small to be unnoticeable but not so big that it takes over the design. If you want something with a touch more flair, try the Serman Brands Wallet.


The Bellroy Leather Wallet is excellently presented with, you guessed it, genuine leather construction and even a nice variety of colors to choose from. Check out the Buffway Wallet for an even greater selection. The leather corners do have a tendency to flake off though, so users who are always pulling the wallet out of their back pocket or front pocket may get a little annoyed.


One thing to note is that the Bellroy wallet, like the Travando Wallet, comes with the all-important RFID-Blocking Technology. Although it’s not mainstream yet, it’s getting to that point quickly so I’m glad to see it included here. The Bellroy also comes with a pull tab for quick access to your most used cards. If you happen to own a lot of cards, say 15, Kate Spade Travel Wallet will help you store them.


Despite its small size, the Bellroy Note Sleeve can accommodate up to 11 credit cards and business cards and even contains a separate but roomy sleeve for bills and a coin pocket for those of you who find yourselves carrying coins a lot. You can’t carry a lot of coins, it’s still a minimalist wallet, but I’m glad they are making use of the space.


The Bellroy Bot Sleeve’s biggest downfall is how expensive it is. At $89.00, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to pass on it simply for the price. But it’s a high-end wallet so this price is to be expected. Still, it holds a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon based on a plentiful 2,076 rating, so they’re doing something right.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wrap Up

If you just need something to carry around a few bills, you ID and your credit cards, then the Bellroy Note Sleeve is right for you. As long as you can look past the price, that is. And if you only pull out the wallet when you absolutely need to, then you won’t have to worry about the corners fraying.

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