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Apex Strength Bench Review

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Doing sit-ups on a flat weight bench press is one thing, but doing a sit-up on an incline changes everything. With the Apex Strength Bench, you can up the effectiveness of various exercises with the added verdicatility. This body workout bench can take the best ab machine and make it even better. So, why do most people regard it as the best exercise equipment? Lets find out..

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Why We Like It – Apex Strength Bench Review

Round out your workout regimen with this bench Apex has design. Slanted workout benches provide more variety to your exercises than a flat bench would, creating better, more effective results.

  • A centerpiece for your workout regimen
  • Heavy duty steel frame can handle 250 lbs
  • Comfortable padding
  • Bulky, heavy, takes up storage space
  • Limited exercise opportunities

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There’s a reason multiple ways of a sit-up or crunch exist: some versions are more effective than others. What the Apex Strength Bench did for us was take those types of exercises and improve them further, to be the best they can be, by adding a level of verticality. Why handle free weights on a flat surface when you can do it on an incline and add an extra layer to your workout regimen? It did nothing but increase the effectiveness of the already effective exercise, something the Ab Doer 360 isn’t meant to do.


The Apex Utility Bench is designed to be as simple as possible. It doesn’t have a bunch of moving parts like adjustable weight benches would, aside from an adjustable foam roller. This home gym is meant to be as comfortable as possible and sturdy, unlike the CAP Barbell. It has high density foam padding along the slant board. The decline bench needs it too, considering underneath the padding is a strong, heavy duty steel frame that can handle a user weight of up to 250 lbs. However, it does take up space. For something smaller, you might want to consider the Star Uno Ab Machine.


What makes the Apex Strength Bench worth considering is its ability to reinvent some of your workout regimens. The bench itself isn’t exactly brimming with different exercises, nor is meant to. Because it’s meant to be used in addition to your workout, it can do a lot to improve the effectiveness of your weight training, strength training, and general exercise. For $65 (free shipping), we can say, without a doubt, it does exactly that. It’s especially effective for sports outdoors workouts.

Apex Strength Bench Review Wrap Up

The Apex Strength Bench isn’t meant for advanced workouts—it isn’t designed for that. What it does is become a centerpoint for your exercise regimen; a normal sit-up is good, but a sit-up on an incline is better. To combat wear and tear, it has comfortable padding wrapped around a heavy duty steel frame that can handle a user weight of 250 lbs.

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