AmazonBasics USB-powered PC Computer Speakers Review

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Updated March 19, 2023
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The AmazonBasics USB-powered computer speaker is another one of Amazon’s attempts at providing a simple alternative that’s built well enough to work, and is also priced at a cost that won’t hurt your pocket. They go for less than $20 and are available in either black or silver. The USB-powered speakers also have a blue LED accent on their bottom part that makes them look really nice. They don’t have a great 12-inch subwoofer, but you’ll want a bigger speaker system for that anyway. Set up is also easy since the speakers are plug and play, and the inline volume control leaves for a very seamless speaker design. If this sounds like one of the best computer speakers or top laptop speakers you can get for less than $20, then go ahead and read this review to find out what else it has in store.

Why We Like It – AmazonBasics USB-powered PC Computer Speakers

The AmazonBasics USB-powered speakers are a simple solution for anyone who’s not looking to spend a lot of money on their computer speakers, and still wants to be guaranteed good sound quality. But, for another speaker with great quality, read the UE Wonderboom 2.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cord between speakers may be short for some users


These AmazonBasics PC speakers don’t really come with a power switch, so they just power on as soon as they’re plugged into your computer’s USB port. You’ll also need to connect its plug into your device’s 3.5mm headphone jack to redirect sound to the speakers. Once you do, you’ll probably notice that the speakers are also not that powerful since each speaker produces 1.2 watts of sound, to give a combined RMS power output of 2.4 watts. Unlike the bose companion 2 series iii multimedia, the two speakers are hardwired together with a cable that’s long enough to let them sit on both sides of your monitor, but extending them further than the cable allows may prove to be slightly difficult.

Therefore, you’ll want to be after wireless speakers, especially if you’re trying to learn how to connect an Xbox One gaming system to a Bluetooth speaker.


One thing that definitely makes the AmazonBasic speakers stand out is their conical-shaped design. It’s not easy to find any other brand of speakers that are shaped like this, but they still look good so we’re not complaining. The speakers come in a compact size, are made of metal, and weigh slightly under 1.4 pounds. The little speakers measure 3.9 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches so they won’t take up that much space on your work desk, but if you’d prefer a more linear design, then you should probably have a look at the TaoTronics TT-SK018 soundbar.


This AmazonBasics USB-powered speaker is backed by a 1-year warranty, and since it’s offered by Amazon, there shouldn’t be an issue with repairing it or sending you a new one if need be. The sound quality you’ll get from these speakers isn’t on the same level as that offered by a hi-fi system, but if you’re looking for a speaker that you can just use to watch movies or for gaming, then it should be able to meet your needs. Also, there’s not much difference between it and the Logitech Z130, but if you’d prefer the controls to be on the speaker instead, then the z130 might be a better option for you.

AmazonBasics USB-powered PC Computer Speakers Wrap Up

These AmazonBasics USB-powered speakers are an easy buy if you’re not looking to spend too much money on a set of speakers, and still want to make a good quality purchase. Go ahead and have a look at what other buyers had to say about it through the customer reviews on Amazon, and you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

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