Alpine Swiss Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For both men and women, having a wallet is something that is pretty personal, and will depend on the kind of stuff that you would want to carry around. There are some people who own and carry a lot of cards, while there are others who would prefer to only move around with the amount of money that they’ll use. Regardless of where you fall between these two groups, the Alpine Swiss Wallet should be able to cater to your needs. The wallet is usable by both men and women, but if you’re wondering how it fares compared to the Best Cool Wallets around, make sure you get to the end of this Best Zipper Wallet review.

Why We Like It – Alpine Swiss Wallet Review

The Alpine Swiss Wallet is a fine choice for anyone who just needs a wallet that’s perfect for being able to hold all their cards, cash, and IDs inside. It’s suitable for both men and women and features RFID blocking technology to prevent any kind of credit card data theft.

  • RFID blocking technology
  • Soft Nappa Leather material
  • Bifold style with center flip
  • Doesn’t come with its own packaging


By most standards, the alpine swiss wallet is a very decent looking wallet. It is available in up to 7 different colors, giving you a wide range of options that you can choose from. The wallet is also made of 100% genuine leather, which takes on a pebble-grain texture that is very soft to the touch. Just like the MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, the wallet also features a secure all round zipper on it that helps keep your belongings well protected, and is pretty much perfect for anyone who would want to have a wallet that’s put together through fine craftsmanship.


As a wallet that’s made of 100% genuine leather, you can definitely expect the Alpine Swiss Wallet to last a long duration of use. It’s soft nappa leather material is sure to stand the test of time and thanks to its good quality stitching, you can expect it to hold together regardless of what you need to carry.


There’s a decent amount of space available inside the alpine swiss leather wallet, as it has enough card slots to be able to store up to 9 credit cards. There’s also an ID card window for easy identification of the owner, and 4 vertical pockets under the card slots to add to the wallet’s carrying capacity. Unlike the Victorinox Wallet, the Alpine bifold wallet also features a center flip, where you’ll be able to add any extra credit card that you would need to carry.


The Alpine Swiss Wallet is significantly larger than your typical money clip wallet, and measures about 3.5 x 4.625 x 0.25 in terms of height, length, and width. The wallet is also pretty much perfect for anyone who would want something that wouldn’t bulge out through their back pocket, and with a good quality zipper closure, you can be sure that the wallet will keep everything inside well secured.


The most outstanding feature of this wallet is probably it’s RFID blocking technology – a feature that you’ll not find with the FurArt Credit Card Wallet. In a world where robbers are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to be able to steal from you, features such as this help stop them in their tracks and ensure that your money or personal details remain safe whenever you’re walking around with the Alpine Swiss Wallet. If you want a feminine wallet, or want to gift your female friend,  colleague, or loved one, the Kate Spade Newyork Wallet is a choice you can consider.

Alpine Swiss Wallet Review Wrap Up

As you’ve seen in this Alpine wallet review, there’s a lot of good reason to go for the Alpine Swiss Wallet, and whether you’re a man or a woman, it’ll be a lot more functional to have compared to a money clip.

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