AAXA P300 Review

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Updated November 28, 2022
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Regarding DLP projectors, the AAXA P300 Pico Projector provides a fair image size, a bright enough picture, and all in a compact size. With a fair asking price, this pocket projector includes several features that add to its value and versatility. Even able to play media from your iPhone, the AAXA P300 is a solid contender on our list of best iPhone projectors. It’s definitely one of the leading projectors that we like.

Why We Like It – AAXA P300

The AAXA P300 is a small compact portable projector that delivers fair image quality. Perfect for your home theater, it can be both battery-powered and outlet-powered.

  • Port versatility allows for multiple inputs
  • 300-lumen brightness
  • Compact portable size
  • Short battery life
  • No zoom feature


Out of the several already in the lineup of Pico projectors, the AAXA P300 provides a picture that is suitable for any type of media. Whether it’s movies or games, a 1080p resolution will help provide a crisp and clear image. The P300 can be powered out of the box by either a built-in lithium-ion battery or an outlet. While the battery is beneficial for places where power is lacking, the battery itself leaves much to be desired. With a lifetime of 60 minutes at best, it’s not enough time to finish a single movie. The QKK Mini Projector is a suitable alternative if you need a longer battery life. On the other hand, the BenQ MW535A projector and the BenQ HT3050 3D DLP home theater projector are bright, support 3D, and are reasonably priced.


Powered by a LED light, the AAXA P300 claims to feature a 500-lumen brightness for its display. In reality, however, it’s more akin to 300 lumens. However, 300 lumens is still plenty bright for most situations where you need a portable projector. Although, the AuKing mini projector is a better projector with 2000 lumens. The bulbs providing the image last for 20,000 hours, so finding a replacement for your projector will be the last thing on your mind for a long time. Even so, should you be in the market for a brighter selection, the TopVision Mini Projector might be the choice for you. Alternatively, you can check out our lists of the best RCA projectors and best Sony projectors, too.


For all the benefits the AAXA P300 brings to the table, one crucial aspect bogs down the whole experience. The P300 comes with a focusing lens, but it doesn’t do the best job. Often feeling unreliable, it takes a while to dial into a viewable aspect, but even then, some fuzziness will be visible at the maximum size of the projection. you’re better off with the Dr. J Professional HI-04 1080p for a larger screen-sized projector.


While the projector itself feels rather durable despite its size. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about the remote that comes bundled with it. While it is convenient, the remote itself feels too thin and too small to have a comfortable grip on. With each press of a button, you’ll worry about pressing too hard, as it feels like too much pressure will snap the flimsy thing in half. While I appreciate the sentiment of including a remote with the projector, it’s obvious AAXA sacrificed remote quality to lock down the price of the unit. If you’re in the market for a projector with a better remote, the Goodee Mini Projector is much better.


The AAXA P300 comes equipped with HDMI, and VGA Composite A/V along with microSD and USB readers, making it virtually impossible to own a device that you can’t connect to the mini projector. Even able to connect to your iPhone, the P300 is a versatile device.

AAXA P300 Wrap Up

Featuring 300 lumens of brightness, the AAXA P300 delivers an affordable yet clear projection that can accept nearly any type of device. Its only drawbacks are short battery life and no zoom capabilities, these are things that can be easily dismissed when looking at the P300 as a whole. If you need a projector on the go, give the P300 a look.

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