8 of the Best Budget Apps for The iPhone: Make Your Money Smart

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Updated January 24, 2023

An app that you can check and manage on the go is great for your budget. If you are looking for a mobile way to manage your finances, check out this collection of the best budget apps for iPhone and how easy it can be to meet your goals. This is very helpful for getting the most out of services like the best VoIP.


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YNAB or You Need a Budget is refreshingly direct when it comes to offering budgeting services: This is one company that really seems to understand what it’s like to budget on an iPhone. The latest version of this budgeting app is made specifically for iOS7 and allowing you to create, view and manage accounts, create goals, record all your spending, and generally live a more conscious life when it comes to your budget. It also has a feature that can remember what stores you go to and geo-tag them for swift repurchasing in the future. The app itself is free, but you will need to download the desktop version of this app to make full use of the iPhone version.

You can download YNAB here


2. Level Money

The Level Money app. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED

Level Money offers general personal finance tracking, but this iPhone budget app also has several unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. Yes, you can add all your accounts and get notifications for any updates, as well as prioritize specific goals for your monthly budgets, but these features are fairly standard. It’s what Level Money does with the data you provide that makes it unique. It can predict what your next month’s income and expenses will be based on past data, and then show you at a glance how much money you can safely spend today but still make your budget. Plus, the app is free with no strings attached. That’s what we really like about these best services.

You can download Level Money here


3. Mint.com


Mint.com is a project by Intuit (the people behind TurboTax) designed to help others, especially younger folk, create a budget and plan out their financial lives. Mint.com is an excellent budgeting app in two respects. First, it offers a large number of fun charts and graphs to show you where you are spending money and how your current budgets look. Second, it provides a lot more detail than most apps when it comes to helping you make smart financial investments and long-term decisions. This app also provides credit score monitoring and shows you your real-time credit score. Combine this with an optional connection to big-name banks for automatic account updates, and this is one of the best budgeting apps for iPhone you can find.

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You can download the Mint.com app here


4. LearnVest


LearnVest had an interesting start as an app designed primarily for busy women, but it has since expanded to a family-friend budget app for anyone who wants to use it. In addition to linking spending, accounts, and budgeting to more holistic aspects of your life, LearnVest is one of the few apps to offer a broad number of articles on financial investment, financial planning, and how to make budgets the right way, making it a great resource as well as a budget app. For a more specific investment app that analyses your investment options, fees, and other investment details, you might want to check out the Personal Capital investment app. General budgeting apps like LearnVest offer much more, and like the other apps on the list, it is also free to download. For other free apps, and especially if you’re lacking in HD space, check out the best free cloud music storage services.

You can download LearnVest here




BUDGT, much like Level Money, offers a very simple interface to control and view your budgets and how limited your spending needs to be throughout the day to meet your goals. You can set plenty of reminders for payments and expenses, and see on one screen how you have been spending the money during your day. You can make multiple variable spending accounts based on your needs, customize them depending on specific situations, and monitor your money as closely as you want. The extraneous features may be a bit lacking, but this remains one of the best budget apps for simple needs.

You can download BUDGT here


6. GasBuddy


This app has one goal: Helping you find cheap gas. It may not directly aid in budgeting activities, but it can sure make budgeting a lot easier by lowering your variable gas expenses each month. Download GasBuddy, put in your zip code, and it will bring up all the gas stations around and what prices they are currently offering, based on crowdsourcing information. There are also a surprising number of social features and even a chance to win gas money. Combine it with the budget app for iPhone of your choice for a great pairing.

You can download GasBuddy here


7. BillGuard


The “Guard” part of BillGuard refers to both guarding your money from theft, and guarding you from paying too much or forgetting to pay off your monthly bills. This budget app offers ID protection services through Experian, creating logins and providing a space to see credit and ID alerts if something is raising red flags. You can monitor accounts, study your spending categories, and track all your expenses when you make them to help control your monthly budget. This iPhone budget app also works with Passbook.

You can download BillGuard here


8. Go

2014-12-06-03_MakeACallScreenSpaceGrayGo is a little hard to find – in large part because of that unassuming name – but once you do find it, it can go a long way in saving you on your monthly fixed costs. This new app helps you manage insurance in a brand-neutral environment. Rather than collecting and comparing insurance quotes from a variety of different companies, Go pulls all the information in for you. It offers methods to save with your current insurer or save by switching services, and offers updates on the latest changes that may allow you to save. If you want an insurance tool to use on the go, this is it.

You can download Go here

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