13 Pieces of High-Tech Clothing (list)

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Updated January 5, 2023

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We live in a very technologically advanced society where smartphones and tablets rule our lives. But being high-tech isn’t saved for the newest gadgets anymore! That’s right, clothing is becoming just as high-tech as your favorite devices are. We’ve rounded up a few cool high-tech pieces of clothing that are both innovative as they are impressive! These are some unique pieces of outdoor gear that will impress you.

13. StressVest


Used in training exercises, the StressVest delivers a real-time shock, up to 4,500volts, when your mark has been hit with a real gun that has been retrofitted with one of their compatible, eye safe lasers. It basically provides real world experience for trainees so they know what it’s like to be wounded in the line of fire. And if you love dressing up for Halloween, you will love our review on these 32 top geeky yet sexy Halloween costumes.

12. Swamp Cooler


This one may not be for humans, but it’s still a pretty high-tech outfit made for Fido! When it’s too hot outside for man’s best friend, have them wear the Swamp Cooler by Ruffwear, an innovate dog vest that you activate with water. All you have to do is get it wet with cold water, wring it out and put it on your dog. It uses the principles of evaporation and three different layers to keep your pet cool: the bottom layer cools, the middle layer absorbs and the top mesh layer facilitates evaporation.

11. BC Vest w/Built-in Backpack


Really targeted to skiers, the vest is supposed to partially replace a bulky backpack. It’s snug so that you don’t snag yourself on a tree branch and only weights 2 lbs. It’s also said to fit all kinds of outdoor tools and utensils.

 10. Flexi Freeze Ice Vest


It’s hot outside right now as we’re in the middle of summer and this Flexi Freeze Ice Vest is just what you want if the AC is broken! It comes with  three removable, reusable ice panels that will keep you cool and comfortable for a couple of hours (or until the ice melts).

9. Core Heat S2 Jacket

core heat s2

The Core Heat S2 Softshell Jacket utilizes collar heat, keeping the back of your neck warm. This jacket will heat for hours with our new 4 panel heat system which concentrates the heat in the collar, between the shoulder blades and on both sides of your chest. Look good and stay warm for $199.99.

8. ScotteVest


This ScotteVest literally has 33 seperate pockets to hold pretty much anything you want! You can fit practically anything and everything you want in it, making it great if you’re traveling. However, they say it can replace carry on, but TSA might not like it.

7. Reebok Checklight Skullcap


The Reebok Checklight Skullcap is great at alerting athletes to the severity of impact they might endure while playing. It features sensors that will continuously measure impacts that one experiences and is supposed to be an extra set of eyes that leads athletes on a pathway to injury assessment. Its sensors are directly attached to the head so they reflect direct accelerations to the head and not the helmet or chin strap, providing consistent, reliable and actionable impact data.

6. Flask Tie


With the Flask Tie, you can easily fake business professional and start drinking ahead of happy hour by sipping on your favorite drink in secret. Inside the tie is a removable bladder-like system that can be filled with liquid that you keep wrapped around your neck. It uses a sealing nozzle, which should eliminate spills and inadvertent squirts in the face. Get it for $25.

5. Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

Stash Shorts

It’s summer and that means lots of time by the pool or at the beach. Now you can keep all your tech devices safe from water with the Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts. The innovative shorts feature a patented waterproof pocket that incorporates into clothing and gear, such as swimwear, life vests, waders, backpacks and jackets. The special  Pocket is attached into the interior of the shorts via their lock-down fitment and its securely sewn into the material, too.

4. H2Flow Jacket

h2flow jacket

The H2Flow Jacket by Helly Hansen uses three layers to control your body temperature. The first layer pulls out humidity out of the air surrounding your body, while the middle layer is made of Polartec fleece with holes in it and is supposed to collect warm air in these holes, creating individual air pockets all over the jacket to help regulate the temp so that you don’t get too warm. Finally, the  the polyester outer layer is designed to block the elements while being breathable and allowing moisture to escape.

3. Baby Glow

baby glow

The Baby Glowis a patented suit that will increase baby safety by monitoring high temps, which can be a serious prob for babies since they can’t regulate their temp like an adult. To the baby it’s just a piece of clothing but to parents it’s so much more.

2. Fabrican Spray-On


Manel Torres’ spray-on futuristic fabrics are seriously taking clothing to new heights! Torres, a Spanish fashion designer, worked together with Paul Luckham, professor of Particle Technology, to create a sprayable material for clothes without any seams that they are calling Fabrican Spray-on. It works thanks to polymers in the spray  that bind short fibres together once the solvent that holds the fabric in liquid form evaporates immediately after delivery on a surface like your body. But clothes isn’t the end goal, with the two hoping to create a new breed of sanitary spray-on bandages which could cover wounds and burnt skin.

1. Virus Coffee Clothing


Virus, a California-based clothing company, uses the leftovers from coffee production to manufacture their clothing that can trap body heat, providing up to 10 degrees of added warmth. Their clothing is also extremely efficient at wicking away moisture, stopping the fabric from getting that good old stink your t-shirts have long sustained after a long jog or powerlifting session.

And, if you want to wear something over your clothing to stay warm, you’ll want to look into the best wearable blankets.

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