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Colorware iPhone 5

Colorware iPhone 5 Enables Your Individualism for $1,700

Perhaps the only reason you have yet to buy an iPhone 5 is because it is only available in black or white, right?  Well, if the case is such, you no longer have to wait. Colorware can now “paint” your iPhone 5 according to your unique, individual color palette.  Just choose from 46 colors (soli...

Colorware iPad 2

Colorware iPad 2 is Here, $900 (video)

The Colorware iPad 2 is here.  So pick your poison, or should we say color.  It’ll cost you, though.  They don’t specific the capacity, but we’re assuming it’s 16GB.  The WiFi version starts at $900, while the 3G version sells for $1030.

Colorware Macbook Pro

Macbook Pros (Winter 2011) Get The Colorware Treatment

Apple products are no longer few and far between.  Sit in any coffee shop and a fair bit of them will be Macbook Pros.  So it’s only fitting that your sense of individualism has significantly diminished as Apple’s market share has vastly increased.

Dyson Colorware Air Multiplier

Dyson’s Air Multiplier Gets Colorwared (video)

Dyson is smart.  And so are the commercials that have been airing on TV for the last few years.   They make vacuums and we think they got a bit smarter when they repurposed their tech into something called the Dyson Air Multiplier; that’s just a fancy way of saying it’s a fan.  While the [&hell...

Colorware Macbook Air-1

Colorware Macbook Air Costs $1,850 (video)

The Macbook Air is one tight piece of kit, no doubt.  At a glance, though, it looks like every other Macbook laptop on the market.  Unless you plunk down $1,850 and score yourself a Colorware version.  And that’s the starting price, which can increase as you add Colorware’s soft touch feature. ...

Colorware iPad Grip Oct 18, 2010 11-34

Colorware iPad Grip Review

Rating: Pros: Perfectly molded to fit the iPad Awesome industrial design Leaves all ports unobstructed Cons: Costs $300; too expensive for its function No quick release; you need a hex key to remove the 4 screws Doesn’t protect the back of the iPad Colorware is best known for their custom finished iP...

Colorware iPad Grip

ColorWare’s Grip For the iPad Is Awesome (video)

ColorWare is doing a good thing for iPad users. If given the choice to enshrine my iPad in a strong, light, and barely noticeable aircraft-grade aluminum wireframe briefcase handle, I would do it in a heartbeat. And that’s the thing, now I can do it, and ColorWare’s site for their Grip offers a lot of [&he...

colorware trackpad

Colorware Turns Apple’s Design On Its Head With Their Magic Trackpad Paint Job

We’ve been covering Colorware’s offerings for a while now, and I’ve gotten behind the majority of their offerings — game consoles and cameras are well suited to custom colors. But the Apple Magic Trackpad isn’t. I can see people not really liking Apple’s metallic design ...


Colorware Colorizes Flip Ultra HD & BlackBerry Pearl 3G

Colorware is on a mission to paint every popular gadget in whatever color its users desire, and they’ve now added the Flip Ultra HD & BlackBerry Pearl 3G to their roster. For $165, you’ll get a paint job for the Pearl 3G or $640 to get a new phone with the service. Then there’s the [&...


Colorware Now Painting The Mac Mini

Colorware strikes again. After offering the option to colorize pretty much anything electronic, the guys have added the new Mac Mini to their selection. For $250, you can send your Mini in, or have them buy and colorize the whole thing for $1000. So, what color would you pick? Read

Colorware iPhone 4

Colorware iPhone 4 Explodes On The Scene With a Myriad Of Color Options

It wasn’t a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’ the iPhone 4 would receive the Colorware treatment.  Well folks, that day has arrived.  You can now pick up an iPhone 4 customized with your very own color palette.  So what can you ‘color’?  The frame, the button, the back,...


Colorware Now Colors The Slim Xbox 360

Just last week, Colorware announced that they’d added Segways to their list of products, but their adding of the new Slim Xbox 360 to the list might be a little more popular with the general public. Using their customizer, gamers can create thousands of different customizations for their console R...