XLEADER SoundAngel A8 Review

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Updated March 16, 2023
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When you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker, there are only a few things that you need to look out for to make a value purchase. You want to consider portability, good sound quality, and decent battery life. The Xleader SoundAngel 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker ranks pretty well on all three fronts, just like the Wren V5PF Wireless Audio System, making them the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Despite being a small speaker, the Xleader comes with a waterproof case, and a smart touch screen that you’ll have to use for volume control, among other things. You can also get stereo sound if you have another Xleader portable Bluetooth speaker sitting around, and with the ability to check how much remaining power the speaker has from your phone, its little speaker will never just suddenly go quiet by surprise. Does this portable speaker have whatever it takes to go head-to-head with some of the best Bluetooth speakers we have on our list? Read on and find out.

Why We Like It – XLEADER Sound Angel Bluetooth Speaker

In the market for a budget speaker and not sure which one to get? The Xleader Sound Angel is a compact, first-class choice that delivers crystal clear distortion-free sound, and comes with a 1200mAh battery to have you listening to music for hours on a single charge. For another speaker with great sound and low price, you’ll want to read our Tribit Stormbox Micro review.

  • Small & lightweight
  • Waterproof case
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Can only have 2 speakers connected at a time


One of the highlights of this Bluetooth-enabled speaker is the smart touch screen technology that it employs – you won’t find that with the JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker. Thanks to its Smart Touch design, just a light touch offers a wide range of things you could do, from switching calls to changing songs. The A8 Bluetooth speaker also belts out good, clear sound from the combined effort of a 40mm 5W driver, a 3D Digital audio processor, and a subwoofer resonator. On top of that, the XLeader SoundAngel A8 speaker is also capable of distortion-free HD sound even at high volume, making it a great choice to use to play music outdoors even if you’re playing from non-Bluetooth devices.


Just like the Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, the Xleader portable Bluetooth speaker comes in an exciting range of colors that you get to choose from. You can have it in rose gold, black, gold or silver, though you’ll have to pay slightly more or less depending on the color that you pick. The rose gold color is the most affordable choice, and makes it the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife. Would you like a speaker with a stylish retro design? Read about it in the Wren v5pf wireless audio system review. Out of the box, the portable wireless speaker comes with a USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, a user’s manual, a warranty card, a feedback card, and a waterproof case that you get free. Most people found its size to be small enough to fit into your pocket, and at 3.40 x 3.40 x 1.20 inches, we’d also agree. If you still don’t have a good idea of its size based on these dimensions, we recommend watching its product videos on YouTube, and also having a look at similar items & related product videos to compare with what else is in the market. The most helpful buyers reviewed the speaker on a wide variety of issues, and also included a review image to help drive their points home. For elegant ladies, you can check out the Yantouch black diamond wireless Bluetooth 2 1 speaker that has a bottom diamond shape and an ice clear top.


Manufactured in the United States, this great little speaker relies on Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device. The included AUX cable also works great for non-bluetooth devices, and the speaker still produces good quality sound from such. Its power source is a high-performance battery that has an impressive capacity, as it can go on producing good sound for 12-15 hours using only 2-3 hours of charge – not bad for a small portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. The wireless speaker doesn’t come with a microphone like the Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker II, but it also features decent sound bass, which you won’t find with other portable Bluetooth speakers or related products that are of the same small size.

While you’ll get great value from Xleader, you’ll find similar value in Logitech speakers by visiting our UE Wonderboom 2 review and Ultimate Ears MegaBoom review. Moreover, since these two are waterproof, you’ll want to know how to get water out of the speakers, in case they take in too much water.

XLEADER Sound Angel Bluetooth Speaker Wrap Up

This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker looks good whether you go for the color gold or color black, and if the customer reviews on its Amazon item page from customers who made a gold verified purchase is anything to go by, it’s probably one of the best portable speakers you could get at such an affordable price. You can also get free shipping if you search for the product on other e-commerce sites, but free shipping for this and even other related products might be a bit difficult to come by on Amazon. Lastly, Items sold qualify for a 3-year warranty, so if there’s an issue with your purchase, all you need is proof of the credit card or cash transaction and you’ll be sorted out.