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wyze robot vacuum review

Wyze Robot Vacuum Review

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While the Wyze Robot Vacuum was praised for its exceptional run time and ability to clean bare floors, critics noticed that it struggled on low pile carpet and complained that its 0.21-liter dirt compartment was small. They also lamented its recurring costs as they were pretty high.

WYZE Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology, 2100Pa Suction, No-go Zone, Wi-Fi Connected, Self-Charging, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floors and Carpets
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Reviewers hailed the Wyze Robot Vacuum for its lengthy runtime, as well as its varied automation features. Product testers from Rtings liked that the robovac ran for up to 134 minutes, which they confirmed during their tests.

They also commended it for its cleaning of bare floors, as it picked up 99% and 100% of large and small debris during testing. It also did okay on high pile carpets, picking up 56% and 28% of large and small debris.

Critics from Tom’s Guide were also impressed with its high suction power and varied automation features. As is evident in our Xiaomi Mi-Robot vacuum review, the one advantage the Wyze robovac has over it is that users will be able to set up virtual walls through the Wyze app.

However, the Wyze robovac struggled on low pile rugs, as it only picked up 65% and 24% of large and small debris during testing. Reviewers also complained that its 0.21-liter dirt canister was relatively small and that its recurring costs were quite high.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Strong suction power
  • Varied automation features
  • Low noise output
  • Great battery life
  • Good build quality

Reasons to Avoid

  • High recurring costs
  • Small dirt compartment
  • Not ideal for low pile carpet


  • Auto Docking & Recharging
  • Bin Capacity
    0.1 Liter
  • Carpet Height Adjustments
  • Cleaning Path Width
  • Compatible Floor Type
  • Filter Type
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pet
  • Product Weight
    7.2 pounds
  • Room-by-Room navigation
  • Self-Emptying
  • Works With
    Amazon Alexa


The Wyze Robot Vacuum is a mid-tier robot vacuum launched into the market in 2021. It has an exceptional 134-minute battery life that rivals some of the best vacuum cleaners as well as most top rated robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

It is equipped with a HEPA anti-allergy filter that, as you’ll find out in this Shark ION Robot R77 review, is not as common among mid-tier robovacs.

The HEPA filter filters out up to 99.99% of allergens during cleaning, and the robovac ships with two of them instead of one. Its dirt compartment can hold up to 0.21 liters of dirt and debris, and weighing only 7.8 pounds, it is pretty easy to carry between rooms.

Owners will also be able to choose between three suction modes: Quiet, Standard, and Strong. On its Quiet mode, the robovac has a very low noise output that averages 66.7 decibels, and on its Strong setting, its suction power tops out at a remarkable 2100 Pascals.

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  • WYZE Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology, 2100Pa Suction, No-go Zone, Wi-Fi Connected, Self-Charging, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floors and Carpets
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  • Wyze Robot Vacuum with LiDAR Room Mapping, 2,100Pa Strong Suction, Straight-line Movements, Virtual Walls, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floors and Carpets, Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum & Self-Charging
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