Wilson A2000 11.75” Infield Baseball Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Wilson A2000 11.75” Baseball glove hits it out of the park in regards to its durability, and unmatched feel. The Wilson A2000 series is famous for its quality, and this infield baseball glove is no different given its double lacing and durable Pro Stock leather. If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, consider our list of the best baseball gloves. And if you want to buy other equipment, check the sports equipment guide.

Why We Like It – Wilson A2000 11.75″ infield baseball

The Wilson A2000 infield baseball glove is built to last with comfort in mind thanks to it’s thin heel pad and double lacing. Crafted with Pro Stock leather and an H web for better control this glove is notable for its unmatched feel. Customer reviews laud it for a shallow pocket allowing lightning fast right hand throws.

  • Durable Pro Stock leather.
  • Double lacing for a shallower pocket.
  • Thinner heel pad for faster break-in.
  • Can be stiff.
  • The variety available can be confusing for some.

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The Wilson A2000 is a superb infield baseball glove offering a greater degree of control due to the thin heel pad and shallow pocket for a faster right hand throw. The open back offers finger out players greater comfort and stability when catching. Fans of the Wilson A2000 brand should also consider the Wilson A2000 for those playing the outfield boasting the same durability without compromise for quality. While the leather does lend to a more durable glove it does lend for a tougher glove that requires a greater break-in period; a glove mallet or hand weight comes highly recommended.


This infield glove makes use of the dual welting and flat finger binding that the A2K series craftsmen are famous for, offering an unmatched feel in the yard or the diamond. It sports an H web fashioned from Pro Stock leather, an industry standard for serious manufacturers, and a shallow pocket ideal for fielders who need a fast right hand throw. If you’re in the market for a deeper pocket you’ll be better served by the Franklin Sports baseball glove for game saving flyball catches, additionally for ages 8 and under the MIzuno Prospect PowerClose baseball glove comes highly recommended.


Because of the Wilson A2000’s unmatched feel and Pro Stock leather, it comes highly recommended for those on the hunt for a left or right hand infield baseball glove. Given its quality it is reasonably priced and comes highly recommended. Amazon offers free shipping and returns but if the customer reviews are anything to go by you’ll be happy with your purchase. If the $213 price point is too steep, however, the Rawlings Renegade is a great alternative as it comes pre-broken-in and is geared toward infielders.

Wilson A2000 11.75″ infield baseball Wrap Up

The Wilson 2000 Infield baseball glove is a great option for intermediate players looking for an upgrade or a replacement. The durable Pro Leather H web guarantees that balls will stick upon contact and the shallow pocket allows a fast serve in fast-paced games. The free shipping is a nice bonus as well and so long as you have an email address registered with Amazon you can track it’s shipment with ease.