Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Beeping?

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you’re new to using Bluetooth headphones, you may be wondering, “why are my Bluetooth headphones beeping?” There are a few different causes, and they’re all fairly easy to determine. Even the best Bluetooth headphones can experience connection issues, but it’s rarely an unfixable issue.


  • Performing a power cycle is a quick and easy fix for many issues that cause your Bluetooth headphones to beep.
  • One of the less common issues that can cause beeping is when different audio file types are being played, forcing firmware or software to switch between codecs.
  • More often than not, the beeping is caused by a low battery, and a recharge will stop it.

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Why Your iPhone Headphones Beep When They’re Plugged In

Like any wireless technology, Bluetooth can experience connection issues. Bluetooth headphones and some other Bluetooth audio devices can sometimes beep if they have connection issues or other problems. There are a few common reasons that are pretty easy to troubleshoot, regardless of your computer acumen.

Insider Tip

Performing a power cycle will often solve problems that lead to a beeping Bluetooth headset if no other solutions work.

Low Battery

The most common cause of a beeping pair of Bluetooth headphones is a low battery. Most Bluetooth headphones are charged via a USB connection to a wall socket or PC and will require a recharge frequently, especially if you use them regularly and for long periods.

The beep’s tone, volume, and frequency will vary among models, but if you hear one, the best thing to do is to plug your headphones into a power source and see if the beeping stops. Usually, the beeping will start when you’re running low on charge, but with a few minutes before the headphones power off.

Interference From Nearby Devices

Another reason your headphones may be beeping is because of interference from other nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. This can include a mobile device, tablet, or another desktop or laptop PC, especially if they’re pairing with another Bluetooth device. It also is caused by any wireless electronic device, including a cell phone, a cordless telephone, or a portable radio.

First, check your surroundings for any such device that could be the culprit and see if moving into another room stops the beeping. Next, try unpairing your headphones from the connected device and deleting your headphones from its Bluetooth connectivity options.

Try a Reset/Power Cycle

Sometimes a beep could indicate a software or firmware issue with the headphones (this beep may be different than one that indicates a power issue or interference; you can check your model’s manual to see if this is the case). This generally requires a power cycle, which resets the headphones to factory settings,

A power cycle is usually performed simply by pressing and holding the headphones’ power button until they power down and power up again. If this works, you may have to pair your headphones to your device again.


Beeping sometimes occurs due to interference from nearby electronic wireless devices, such as cell phones, cordless phones, radios, and other Bluetooth devices.


Why do my headphones beep between songs?

Some Bluetooth headphones will beep in between songs if the tracks are of different file types. You can check this on a PC or Mac by right-clicking a song file to display its info. If this is the case, convert your playlist to a single file type, such as mp3 or WAV. Otherwise, you may have to look at the manufacturer’s suggestions.

What does it mean when your AirPods keep beeping?

AirPods will beep if you’ve got a low battery. Besides recharging them, you can turn off this beeping notification with your AirPods connected to your device by going to Settings, then Bluetooth, and tapping the icon next to your AirPods. Then, deselect the low power indications.

How do you reset Bluetooth headphones?

Generally speaking, you can power cycle your headphones to reset them by pressing and holding the power button until they power down and power back up again (usually around 5-10 seconds). You may have to repair them with your device after doing this.

STAT: Bluetooth was first conceived of as a personal area network technology in 1997. (source)

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