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Purchasing one of the best whistler radar detectors like the whistler xtr 538 can save you a headache from traffic violations. This device will help you identify any radar you come across whether it be from a radar gun from an on duty police officer or an incoming traffic camera you will be ready for it. The Whistler XTR 538 is one of the best radar detectors available.

Why We Like It – Whistler XTR 538

Everyone needs to drive a little faster sometimes, but nobody wants to get caught doing it by law enforcement. Whether it be for an emergency, or to save time there are always situations where we can save some time by driving a tad faster. This is where the whistler xtr 538 laser radar detector can be extremely useful by ensuring that you can stay on top of any possible detectors around you to regulate your speed when needed and avoid getting ticketed by speed cameras or police.

  • VG-2 detection makes your product untraceable
  • Cordless Radar design makes for great portability
  • Radar signal is not as extensive


From a 360 degree angle, this radar detector provides coverage when in close contact with nearby X, K, and Ka Bands. It is important to note that these radar signals come from a variety of places from automatic doors in grocery stores, to traffic cameras. This earned some cool points by adding in cloaking technology from VG-2 detection. You can set this detector for 3 city modes and a highway mode, all while receiving audio and visual notifications. If you would like to look at our number one detector, you may want to take a look at the Whistler CR85.


Customers have revealed that the XRT 538 radar detectors do not have a wide field of range for detecting radars. This may be in part to its battery powered design that limits range after some extended use. If you would like to see more whistler devices, another great suggestion may be the whistler xtr 135.


The Whistler device is made from a plastic shell, so it is bound to survive a couple of accidental dings here and there. It is not waterproof so be sure to keep it away from any body of water. As long as you carry some batteries around, you will be able to power this device up for however long you need.

Ease of Use

When it comes time to turn on this device and detect some radar, there are 4 buttons located on the top of the device which provide the key features. These buttons configure things from quiet mode to volume and can be used to silence the device whenever you don’t want to know about any radar. It has a city button to switch from the three types of settings. There is also a menu button and a classic power button.


These devices are not that expensive, and they will pay themselves off by saving you from any tickets from speeding cameras or cops. To save yourself from any interaction with the cops is an absolute stress reliever anytime you are on the road, and thanks to the intricate design of this detector you can use it freely without worrying about police catching onto your radar. If you are not satisfied with this device’s design at this point, maybe a better fit would be the whistler cr85.

Whistler xtr 538 Wrap Up

The Whistler xtr 538 device will save you some stress from accumulating speeding tickets that only hinder financial progress. While the wide three band range may detect some false alerts due to its extensive range, in the end, you may stumble onto some traffic cameras or radar guns before they catch you speeding.

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