What is a WiFi Air Conditioner?

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Updated January 17, 2023

If you are just learning about all of the latest advancements in cooling, you may wonder what is a WiFi air conditioner. Some of the best air conditioners, after all, include some sort of wireless functionality. So what is a WiFi AC unit, how can it benefit your home, and should you buy one? Keep reading to find out how this technology can ease the worries of leaving an air conditioner on while not home.


  • WiFi air conditioners include wireless receivers to connect to the Internet and your various devices, allowing for WiFi capabilities.
  • This allows you to set the thermostat, make schedules, and change up the settings from your phone or tablet.
  • Wireless AC units also integrate with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa for accepting voice commands, turning them into a smart air conditioner.

What is a Wireless Network Air Conditioner?

As the name suggests, a WiFi air conditioner has been outfitted with a wireless receiver. Many modern units boast this technology if you are comparing the Friedrich Chill Premier vs a Kuhl, among other comparisons. WiFi takes the guesswork out of operating an AC unit, so you won’t have to wonder what the dry setting on an air conditioner means.

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Some WiFi air conditioners will even send alerts to your phone when it is time to change or replace the air filter.

WiFi means that you can connect the AC to your smartphone, tablet, or related device, allowing you to compare the dry mode vs the cool mode, set schedules, change the temperature, and much more.

Benefits of a WiFi Air Conditioning System

There is a bevy of advantages to springing for an AC unit outfitted with wireless technology. Here are just a few benefits of using the latest and greatest AC technology.

Cheaper Energy Bills

The primary reason folks adopt WiFi-enabled AC units is that they can help save on energy bills and energy usage. After all, the primary determinant of how much energy an AC uses is how long it is on and what setting you are using. Connecting your unit to WiFi lets you check in on just about every aspect of use, tailoring it to your liking, so you can, for instance, set a command to automatically shut the AC off when you aren’t home.


WiFi ACs are extraordinarily convenient. You can program the thermostat on any connected device, such as a smartphone, when you are away from the house. You can even set it ahead of time to anticipate hot or cool weather. The phone can act as a wide-range remote control where you just use a mobile App like the Google Home app. It can also be convenient to set timers and modes anywhere that your phone is connected, like setting sleep mode on your AC while you’re already in bed, which is a feature discussed in our Black & Decker BPACT14WT 14000 BTU portable air conditioner review.

Smart Assistant Integration

Modern WiFi air conditioners integrate nicely with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows you to control every aspect of the device just by using your voice. This further adds to the convenience factor.


How do WiFi air conditioners work?

WiFi AC units come in many forms, from portable air conditioners, and window air conditioners, to your average smart air conditioner. They work just how any AC works, only with access to a mobile device for temperature settings and the like.

How do I calculate what size air conditioner I need?

It depends on BTUs, though mostly depends on the size of your room or home. Choose portable air conditioners or window air conditioners to cool a single room and central units to create a comfortable environment throughout the home.

What do I need for a WiFi installation?

You just need a modem and a router, essentially, to get your WiFi-connected air conditioner or smart air conditioner up and running.

STAT: You can make any standard air conditioner ‘smart’ too by using a smart AC controller. (source)

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