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VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

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You already know by now that any car no matter how old can have the same wireless calling and streaming music features found in newer cars, simply by using a wireless FM transmitter car kit. Although not included in the best bluetooth FM Ttansmitter buyer’s guide, the VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter is an update to the popular VicTsing product line that’s well worth consideration. It is very much on par with the ZEEPORTE Bluetooth FM Transmitter (winner of the Best Features award in the Buyer’s Guide) and ranks as one of the top-rated car stereos.

Why We Like It – VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter delivers as one of the most feature packed FM transmitters you can buy. A really nice upgrade to VicTsing’s existing Bluetooth FM transmitter line.

  • Auto scan for best FM frequency
  • 1.8” Color LCD display
  • 3 USB Ports (1 with Quick Charge)
  • No auto-off
  • EQ works only when playing audio files


The VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter is awesome and packed with features. Plugs into your car’s automotive power socket (or cigarette lighter as it was originally intended), then pairs to a Bluetooth device and streams audio output via its integrated FM radio transmitter to your car stereo using any vacant FM frequency (unused FM frequencies vary by location depending on whatever radio stations operate nearby). Selecting the best FM frequency to use is super easy using VicTsing’s auto-scan feature which finds an unused frequency and tells you to which frequency number to tune your car radio. You then hear wireless FM output from the VicTsing. This VicTsing car kit has a color LCD display and all the control buttons housed on the end of a flexible gooseneck so you can bend it around to position it as needed. The color screen looks very nice, although the info being displayed doesn’t really use many colors. When music is playing there is a colorful moving graphical EQ displayed –unsure of its sonic accuracy, but it does look sexy. Illuminated control buttons make it easier to press the correct button when driving at night. Five EQ settings for different kinds of music, i.e., rock, jazz, etc., with a ‘Normal’ setting being no EQ so you control tone entirely from the car radio. The only drag is that EQ modes only work when playing music files from an external storage device (USB drive or TF card). Sound quality of the VicTsing is pretty good and crystal clear on your car FM radio. If your car stereo isn’t very good then the EQ of the VicTsing may improve the sound somewhat, but it’ll still be a crappy radio. Three USB ports enable charging –even charging multiple devices while simultaneously playing music files from a USB thumb drive. You can also play audio files stored on a TF card by inserting it into the slot located on the top of the VicTsing (a bit hard to remove… requires both hands and a fingernail). When playing music files from media you can navigate to files stored in different folders, repeat songs or folders, or shuffle music files. There’s also a 3.5mm aux-in jack to connect devices without using Bluetooth. The built-in microphone with noise suppression enables clear hands free calling. Incoming calls pause the music playing and display the incoming caller ID on the screen. Answer and hang-up by pressing the center multi-function button. When the call ends the VicTsing will again play music. You can also go through our Anker Roav FM Transmitter review for a much compact FM transmitter that works well too.


The VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter design is typical of many FM transmitters –a headpiece with LCD screen and controls on the end of a flexible gooseneck allowing for different positioning. This design is different and not as compact as the VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter listed in the Buyer’s Guide as winner of the ‘Best Compact’ award. The 1.8” LCD is also a bit bigger than on VicTsing’s other Bluetooth FM transmitter, and being color is a nice upgrade. VicTsing’s embedded software should do more with the color display capability. Auto-scan is also a feature upgrade that makes finding an FM frequency pretty easy. Triple USB ports are over the top, two more than the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter, the No. 1 pick overall in Buyer’s Guide. All the USB ports in the VicTsing have high amperage (5V 2.4A) for charging, so USB charging happens even when the device is in use and powered by USB. One of the USB ports in the VicTsing Upgraded Version supports QC 3.0 allowing some devices to charge four times faster. Not all devices support QC so check to make sure your device is QC enabled. The built-in microphone uses CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology for noise suppression (passive ambient noise cancellation). Pressing and holding the center multi-function button turns the VicTsing on/off. There’s no auto-off feature; you must turn it off manually or remove it from the power plug. Otherwise if your car’s power port is energized even when the car is turned off, and you’re parked for a long period (holiday weekend, airport parking, or whatever) with the VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter still plugged in and turned on, you may have a dead battery and need a car charger when you return. If you want a car stereo with a larger LCD screen instead then you should check out the Sony XAV-AX5000 review.


The VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter is feature rich for less than $25 bucks US. It is a significant upgrade to VicTsing’s previous Bluetooth FM Transmitter. The color display is certainly a noticeably new feature. The headpiece of the VicTsing is a bit more compact than other FM transmitter products with equivalent features. If you’re looking for FM Transmitter gadgets that are more stealthy, then check out the teeny-tiny IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter, or the LIHAN Bluetooth FM Transmitter if you’re on an even tighter budget.

VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wrap Up

The VicTsing (Upgraded Version) 1.8″ Color Display Bluetooth FM Transmitter is an excellent choice in a quality wireless Bluetooth FM adapter. It’s packed with all the features you’ll likely ever need. Far easier and cheaper way to add ‘infotainment’ features (wireless hands free calling and wireless Bluetooth connectivity) to a car than any other after-market car kit.

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