VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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88 Expert Rating

A Bluetooth FM transmitter updates any car by giving it wireless Infotainment features as found in today’s newest cars –updating even older vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth built-in. All you need in your car is an FM radio. The VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free is included in the Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter buyer’s guide, earning the ‘Best Compact’ designation for its rich feature set in a small form factor. It might just be among some of the top-rated car accessories today.

Why We Like It – VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free

The VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free proves that a compact design doesn’t have to sacrifice capabilities and features. The little unit does it all while being small.

  • Compact no-sacrifice design
  • Tiltable LCD display
  • Strong wireless connectivity
  • Weak microphone
  • Design may be inconvenient in some cars


Like all similar FM transmitter car kit gadgets the VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free plugs into the automotive power port (what used to be known as the cigarette lighter) in your car’s interior. Its diminutive form allows it to fit in cars that have located the power port in a tight space, and the whole unit can be tilted while it’s plugged in to the power port. Contrast to the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Smartphones, rated No. 1 in our FM transmitter buyer’s guide, that puts a display and controls on the end of a flexible gooseneck. Like all BT FM transmitters the VicTsing pairs to a Bluetooth device and then streams audio output via its radio transmitter to your car stereo on an unused FM frequency (vacant FM frequencies vary by geography). There are dual USB ports so you can charge 2 devices, or play music files from a USB flash drive while charging a device. Sound quality of the VicTsing Bluetooth FM transmitter is pretty good by most accounts, but of course that really depends upon your car’s audio system, while for some listeners an FM transmitter wireless never achieves CD quality fidelity.

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The design of the VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free is efficient. There’s a 1.44 inch LCD screen to display caller ID and other info, control buttons allowing call pick-up or hang-up, start/stop music playing and select next or last songs, and to control volume. Some customer comments suggest the volume control on the VicTsing doesn’t go high enough, but controlling volume with your car’s FM stereo overrides any concerns. In addition to dual USB ports there is an SD card slot and a 3.5mm input jack. All told this little BT FM transmitter can play music content stored on a device via Bluetooth or audio cable, and can play MP3 / WMA / WAV files stored on an SD card or a USB stick (the LCD shows titles of music files)… and still allow for USB charging a separate device. Some reviews complained that the VicTsing microphone wasn’t strong enough for clear hands free calling even though VicTsing says it uses CVC noise cancellation, but that could also depend greatly on where the cigarette lighter is located in your car’s cabin since that determines the placement of the VicTsing. Tuning the FM transmitter to the same unused frequency on your car FM radio is easy –hit one button and turn a knob to the same MHz. If the location of the power port in your model car still can’t accommodate the VicTsing, then check out the super small IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

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The VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free price is on par with most other BT FM transmitters. For a nominal spend (less than $25 bucks US) you get a small device that’s packed full of the features most everybody wants in this kind of device. VicTsing doesn’t overtly offer a warranty, but reviewer comments rate VicTsing support as outstanding, some going so far as to say that it’s the best of all the vendors selling on Amazon. The price of the VicTsing is the same as the LIHAN Bluetooth FM Transmitter awarded the ‘Best Budget’ badge in the buyer’s guide, and the VicTsing has a full display while the LIHAN doesn’t.

VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free Wrap Up

The VicTsing Bluetooth Transmitter Wireless Hand Free is a great gadget to add modern wireless calling and Bluetooth audio features to your favorite car, truck, RV, boat, or whatever transport you own. It’s compact and easily portable to move it from one vehicle to another.

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