When shopping for the best radar detector, there are plenty of options out there. There are radar companies that have been around for a long time and produce quality hardware you can trust. Then there are those companies that go above and beyond, constantly staying ahead of the curve.

Uniden might just be one of them. Their R3 radar detector features a bright color OLED display, plenty of useful speed information at a glance, great audio, customizable sensitivity settings on the Ka band, an easy-to-use menu, directional arrows, voice alerts, superior alerts, built-in GPS, and radar detector immunity. It is highly comparable to the Escort Passport IX as police radar.


The performance of the Uniden R3 redefines what’s possible from a radar detector. You can enjoy speed limit detections from almost twice as far as a conventional detector, including brand names in radar detection at higher prices.

The sensitivity settings don’t often hold across all frequencies, which is a drawback of most other radar detectors, especially used in speed traps. Uniden won’t fall back on different frequencies like X-band, however. For many, this may not be an issue, but it’s useful if you live in a state where X-band is already in use.

The Uniden R3 can detect weak radar signal, even from a distance, and react accordingly. It also displays light alerts that accurately tell of these brief encounters with weak radar transmissions. In addition to radar detection, the R3 can also detect police laser and Dragon Eye lidar, which is uncommon for most radar detectors.


The Uniden R3 is well-made with tight seams on the outside and feels nice and sturdy in your hand. Large menu buttons feel great under your fingers and make it easy to set up and use. They are spaced far enough apart to avoid accidental presses on the wrong button.

The packaging is excellent with a durable carrying case that can hold the detector and all the accessories. You have the option of choosing between a suction cup bracket mount with a ball that allows you to mount and swivel your detector or a traditional suction cup mount.

The coiled cigarette lighter adapter provides power from your cigarette lighter jack, and it contains a button to mute alerts. You can also plug your phone into the USB port on the power cord.

The size and weight of the Uniden R3 are perfect. It’s small enough to be comfortable in your hand and not obstruct your view, but the display is big enough to read and understand. Other radar detectors feel bulky in comparison.


The performance of the Uniden R3 is excellent at this price point. Out go the high-priced custom installs when you have something like this at your fingertips that does everything so much better.

This kind of value is almost unheard of in the radar detector market, and just when you thought you had found the best one that money has to buy, Uniden delivers even more.


The Uniden R3 is one of the best radar detectors that money can buy with plenty of features to keep you happy on your drive. Stay safe and protected with the Uniden R3 and everything it has to offer.

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