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We’ve said before that Turtle Beach offers very high quality headsets for consoles – especially if you tend to be an Xbox fan. So when a quality Xbox headset from TB comes our way, we tend to hold it to a slightly higher standard…even with a lack of Xbox One-specific headsets on the market. Did this headset meet our enthusiastic expectations? Was it as good as the Turtle Beach Elite Pro – Best Headset for Competitive Gaming?

Continue reading our Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium review to find out!


Price: $106 on Amazon
Available: Now
Model: XO Seven

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Ideal Xbox One design with great audio presets.

What We Liked

  • Simple setup and controls
  • Superb, console-friendly design
  • Worthwhile audio presets

What We Didn’t

  • A lack of surround sound

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium Specs

Amazon Rating4andhalf-stars
Frequency Range20Hz-20kHz
Driver Size50mm
7.1 Surround Soundred-x-icon
Noise-Canceling Micred-x-icon
BuyBuy Now

Hardware and Design

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro
The solid Xbox-friendly design of this model is one of its best features.

The design of the XO Seven Pro is precisely what it needs to be: Turtle Beach knows what they’re doing, end of story. The ear-cups have some of the best size and fit in the console world – although they might be slightly too small for certain ears. The Pro model wisely upgrades materials with softer pleather and an extra-cushy headband, but overall the headset still feels durable; it can probably survive a boisterous family or dorm situation more easily than most gaming headphones out there. Compare this to the SteelSeries new 7H Fnatic Edition gaming headset.

Inside that durable design are a pair of 50mm neodymium drivers, which have apparently been tuned specifically for Xbox (spoiler: Sound quality was very, very good, but it’s hard to know what a description like that means).

Let’s talk about Xbox One headsets for a moment. Because of Xbox compatibility and licensing issues, it’s very difficult to find great wireless headsets that are truly wireless for the Xbox One – most require a tether, or cable hooked up to the controller just like the headset the Xbox One comes with. It’s sort of wireless, but not really. The XO Seven Pro does indeed have this tether (a couple pricier Turtle Beach lines, like Stealth and Elite, do have wireless options, if you don’t mind paying). Fortunately, as tethers and controller adapters go, this is the way to do. The tether is a thick, bungee-style cord made for durability, and the adapter has plenty of preset options – which keeps buttons off the ear cups and on the controller.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Adapter
The Xbox One adapter has all the buttons for this headset.

Speaking of the controller, Turtle Beach brilliantly upgraded it to the Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus. The gadget looks the same, except it introduces some pretty exciting new features. When you pair the Force Headset Audio Controller with your headset, you get to choose from various game and mic presets, control the master volume, as well as balance the game and chat audio. You also get to add Superhuman Hearing and mic monitoring to the Earforce Headset Audio. It’s smaller decisions like this that really tailor the XO Seven Pro to consoles and the Xbox One in particular. It’s too bad this innovation didn’t quite carry over to the fairly standard plug-in and flexible boom mic, but at least you can remove it safely when you aren’t chatting. There’s also an in-line mic on the included mobile cable, an alternative arrangement that may fit your habits more comfortably.

Many Turtle Beach headsets allow a little room for fun – options for decals and more personalized plates on the ear cups are common. However, the XO Seven Pro model eschews these physical customization options for a sturdier, more professional look. If you’re a huge fan of the personalization, then choose an XO model other than the Pro: There are fewer audio features, but more room for customizing the appearance.


Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro 3
How do you like your sound? The Pro never quite makes it to surround sound options.

Let’s get this out of the way: This headset is in stereo. Now, the XO Seven Pro makes that stereo do a lot of work and there were times when I could almost convince myself it wasn’t stereo, but in the end it was inescapable. There is no option for surround sound on this model.

I’m not sure why this is the case – quite possibly, Turtle Beach wanted to save surround sound for some of its other models and keep this line more affordable. However, it’s one mark against what is otherwise an incredible console headset. The sound quality is accurate, and as spatially aware as it can be, but it still won’t compare to a full surround sound headset and it lacks a certain crispness found in more high-fidelity headphones, as seen in our best gaming headset round up. This is far more noticeable on some games than others. The tense environments of Dark Souls III or sneak-attack games benefit greatly from directional sound. The fast-pitch multiplayer FPS encounters on Call of Duty or the slot machine missions on Destiny don’t have as many uses for surround sound…and perhaps that’s another reason TB made this decision.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro 2
Audio presets are a big, albeit set-in-stone, feature.

The XO Seven Pro also comes loaded with a number of presets, and the good news is that most of them are worth your time, with bass boosting, treble boost, “loud room” setting and more giving you plenty of options to tailor sound to what and where you are playing. The bad news is that none of this is very customizable. You don’t get access to more PC-related features like audio controls that let you customize your presets just the way you want them. It’s one less thing to worry about, but it’s also one less option you have.

I’d like to call out the Superhuman Hearing preset individually, and not just because it has its own button. The goal of this mode is to enhance quiet sounds for tracking or tactics. In practice it behaves a lot like an overall sound boost, albeit one that tries to make sound as atmospheric as possible. I enjoyed using it just because it took me one step closer to surround sound, and unless you are in a particularly loud firefight you should try it out as well.

Finally, onto mic performance. The nice thing about these fully flexible Turtle Beach mics with the large receivers is that it’s easy to find a position that works well for you. The boom mic can be unplugged when not in use, which I appreciated, although that also means rough play can yank it out. Variable mic monitoring came in handy as always and allows you to lower the volume of your own voice until it reaches tolerable levels. Nothing much new here, but if it ain’t broke why fix it?

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium For Xbox One Review: Wrap-Up

If you want the best Xbox headset you can find and only have around $100 to spend, I won’t hesitate to recommend the XO Seven Pro – hands down, it’s the best Xbox One headset for the money. However, you will be missing out on a couple of elite features, particularly fully wireless capabilities and surround sound. But if you don’t mind stereo sound with audio enhancement modes, this durable, comfortable gaming headset is easily your best option.

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  1. The exact same thing happened with my son’s. It snapped within the year and was covered by warranty, however I had to pay $30 in shipping to get the new one. After 3 months it snapped in the very same place. When I contacted Turtle Beach they told me there was nothing they can do because it is after the 1 year warranty. Poor design flaw and cheaply made, and after reading the two other reviews, I would conclude that Turtle Beach knows this but will not recall it they just keep selling them.

  2. Me too. This is the worst headset ever. I bought them for my son and after 6 months they snapped. The people at Turtle beach were very nice and replaced them. 6 months later thosevsnapped in the same place. I contacted them again and there is nothing they can do. I told them to recall the damn headset. I’m not sure I will purchase another turtle beach headset. Does anyone have any opinions on the Astro A 10?

  3. Do not buy these, i’v owned two of the same pair and both have snapped in the same exact spot with no pressure put on them! Very good sound quality but poorly designed and cheaply made. Best part is i’v talked to the company multiple times and they do not give a crap about there product or what I had to say. It hurts to be writing this because i’v been a customer for a long time but do not waste your money on this product!

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