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Finding the best radar detectors With Laser Jammer can get you out of a drastic situation when you’re riding a tad over the speed limit and the cops try to record that speed on their radar gun. The TMG Alpha 15 is one of the best radar detectors. It is like having a real world invisibility cloak large enough that it can hide your entire sedan or van from laser radar detection.

Why We Like It – Tmg Alpha 15

TMG has been in the game long enough to know what it will take to jam some of the more advanced radar guns today. Having this jammer at your disposal is one of the best ways to never get caught speeding with a radar gun ever again. The TMG Alpha 15 is the copilot you never knew you needed because this device will cloak your speed when cops try to monitor it and lay low when the job is done.

  • Voice alerts keep you focused on the road
  • Can add up to 8 transponder heads with a splitter
  • May not cover some of the tougher radar guns


To provide any sort of cloaking, the TMG Alpha 15 uses 4 transponder heads, which can be expanded to about 8 heads with a splitter attached. The idea is the more heads you connect, the better chance you have at successfully cloaking yourself from a radar gun. It can jam Laser Atlanta, PL3, PL4, and others while on the road. If you want to learn more about these fantastic devices, another product you may want to check out is the Escort ZR4.


During some of the product testing, the jammer was able to perform properly from a range of 2000 feet so it does have a long range. If you want to find more jammers with long range coverage, feel free to check out The Blinder HP-905.


The TMG device is made from plastic, and it is a small device. You must ensure that you or someone else will install the wiring to a T so that everything works as it should. Every purchase comes with an extended 2-year warranty, and you can always ask for a protection plan if it is available. To prevent you from being caught jamming lasers, it has an auto sleep mode that will come to the rescue after cloaking you for some time.

Ease of Use

Every set comes with a control module; this module has settings for volume, auto/sleep, receive only, and an algorithm update. The installation of this jammer may discourage you because there are a plethora of items you will need to install your transponder heads and set up the device. We’re talking everything from electrical tape, small screws to velcro strips may be required to properly install your jammer. But rest assured after the installation is done comes the fun.


The price of this jammer does not make it a commodity for the average person to have, but whoever does choose to invest in this product will acquire cloaking powers that will come through in most speeding situations. While it may not save you from flying down the highway at double the speed limit, it may save you on the various times where you are just barely over it. With the auto sleep function, you will never be seen by other detectors so no one will ever know that you use it. If you would like to check out what the competition offers, another jammer worth checking out is the Escort Max Ci 360.

TMG Alpha 15 Wrap Up

While the TMG Alpha 15 is an expensive investment, it will return that investment by saving you from being caught under most of today’s radar guns. While the installation may be a bit of a hassle on its own, it will hide you from radar guns with little to no false alerts and therefore saving you money from traffic tickets.

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