The best gps tracker is not always for bad guys. I think that a lot of people look at GPS trackers and they think that they can only be used for nefarious purposes, but that’s not true. A GPS tracker on a car could potentially save lives because if someone is in trouble you know where they are. The same with Trax.

This Tracker Is Ready To Go Out Of The Box

Large businesses actually use them to keep track of their fleet of vehicles. And what if someone steals your car?  If your car is missing the best hidden camera, a tracker sure would help with that. The point is, there are many uses for these trackers.


If you need a reliable tracker, you’ll want to check out the Mini Enforcer. This device has a long life compared to other magnetic GPS trackers. You’ll get 6 weeks of use between charges, and the company claims that there are no other lightweight and small GPS tracker of this size that can offer this.

You’ll love the long life, but it also offers all of the benefits of the newest and most innovative GPS technology. It’s programmed to use multiple satellite systems like GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS to give you the most accurate location possible. It will do so quickly and consistently.

As I pointed out you can use this tracker on your own vehicle or even use them on your entire fleet.

The Trackershop mapping panel and the app is very user-friendly. With multiple tracking devices, you can monitor and control all of them conveniently from one place. On your computer and/or your phone, at any hour of the day or night. All tracking and journeys are recorded so that you can review them whenever you like.

The Mini Enforcer Covert Magnetic Tracker Has A 6 Week Battery
The Mini Enforcer is a great tracker.

An Impressive 6 Weeks of Use

The Mini Enforcer is ready to go right out of the box. Just turn your tracking device on and it is ready to start tracking in real-time. This device easily attaches beneath any vehicle and easy to get in and out of tight spaces.

Since it makes use of those multiple satellite systems, you get global coverage. So the bottom line on the Mini Enforcer is that it is the most accurate, durable and reliable small GPS car tracker to date. If you need a reliable tracker, this sounds like a winner.

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