The Americans is a great series if you’re fiending for an action packed drama with spies against spies. On a mission in America, the Jennings are assigned to capture an ex-spy, TImoshev, who left the kgb is now releasing secrets to the United States. When Timoshev is captured, Elizabeth, played by Keri Russell, fulfills her personal revenge on him. Just before it gets crazy, Timoshev tries to convince the Jennings to sell out as well. This idea seems to haunt them later on in the show as they tackle all kinds of stress from their careers. This series is featured on our best shows on amazon with other notable mentions like Babylon 5 or carnival row.

Why We Like It – The Americans Review

If you are a fan of historical content, take a trip back to the days of the cold war in this Amazon Prime series. Starring Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, a couple of kgb agents conducting operations in America during the days of the soviet union. Things get quite interesting in this series right away as luck would have it, an FBI agent decides to move next door. This series is surely worth the watch as the story unfolds, and protagonists must decide between continuing their allegiance to the motherland or break loose to try and find a new life.

  • Spy Vs. Spy intensity
  • Double life Double plot
  • Not much comic relief so far


The sole purpose of the spy is to blend in seamlessly, and the Jennings do so extraordinarily well that you might have to watch a couple episodes again to see what crazy costume Philip or Elizabeth will be in. In the americans, the life of the spy unfolds in front of us, which connects with the audience on a deeper personal level as we peer into their life. This spy series is a thriller to say the least, but if you’re looking for something different instead we suggest the boys, a superhero series, on amazon prime.


The costumes on the majority of the characters look pretty normal, nothing that screams hey we are living amidst the old cold war, but perhaps It is just too early in the series and references will appear later on. Aside from that our main characters are built pretty tough, so the fight scenes are quite entertaining when they get down to business. The majority of the time it is the dialogue between characters that carry the show with an occasional spritz of physical tussles.


This is a great show to get into if you’re looking for a mystery thriller. Sadly, it has already reached its final episode, so at least you can binge every episode until the series finale. Who knows what developments we shall see in the final season? It is guaranteed to be a good time watching the whole way through to see what these spies end up doing for their family.

The Americans Review Wrap Up

The Americans is a good thriller show for any fans of realistic drama. This amazon series features two notorious spies working for the kgb. During their time in America, the spies become worried about the future that lies ahead of them. This is a great series to get into for the sake of experiencing a little slice of life from the era of the old cold war.

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