Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For anyone who doesn’t want to carry around their heavy 17-inch laptops, the Swissgear Granada rolling case could help save your shoulder from all that strain, and help you pack in a bit more stuff than you’d be able to using a normal laptop bag. It’s computer compartment fits any laptop or tablet that’s less than 17-inches, and with ample space for one day’s overnight stay, it’s the perfect companion to use for all those quick impromptu business trips. If your work life involves making a lot of these, then the Granada rolling case might be one of the best laptop bags for you yet.

Why We Like It – Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon Review

The Swissgear Granada rolling case is an excellent option for business travellers who are always making short trips, as it has enough capacity for a night’s stay and will be able to accommodate your 17-inch laptop without getting things squeezed inside.

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Double zippers for each compartment
  • Easy glide skate wheels for easy maneuvering
  • No water bottle designated storage area


The Swissgear Granada rolling case will give you a bit more space for your stuff than a normal sized backpack would, and besides, you don’t want to be carrying a backpack around when you’re travelling for your business trips. It’s strong, easy glide wheels are not too noisy so as to announce your arrival as you’re moving around with it, and with the inclusion of a velcro strap on its back, you’ll be able to carry it easily on top of another suitcase. Inside, the bag has got a decent number of slots for your pens, wallet & passport, and with two zippers for each compartment, you’ll be able to pack stuff like your clothing shoes and other travel gear without too much strain. If you’re however in the market for something a little bit top shelf, then you might want to look at our Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather laptop bag review.


As far as looks go, the Swissgear Granada rolling case isn’t going to win any awards as it’s focus is more on function over form. This isn’t to say that it looks very ugly though. It’s computer compartment comes with padding for a nice cozy fit, and on its front you’ll find a quick pocket for easy access to things like your keys or wallet whenever you need to get to them. At 9.84 by 16.54 by 13.78 inches, the bag has enough capacity to carry a day’s worth of clothing alongside all the accessories that your laptop might need. If you take a look at our AmazonBasics Laptop bag review, you’ll see that the two are miles apart when it comes to packing space, but the AmazonBasics bag is more for people who are on a budget and don’t need that much space either.


The Granada rolling case serves as a great carry-on that’ll easily fit under most airplane seats, and it’s tough Nylon material will keep it in good shape for a long time to come. Also, as with all products by Wenger Swissgear, the Granada rolling case nylon made business packer is a product of quality, and it comes with a 3-year warranty so you shouldn’t expect it to start breaking down after short term use. For ladies that wouldn’t want to bother with a rolling case and are already used to shoulder strapped bags, our sunny snowy nylon laptop bag review might prove to be more insightful, and address the kind of needs that they’d want to have taken care of.

Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon Review Wrap Up

As a rolling case that allows you to carry 17-inch notebooks black in color and offers a good amount of packing space for your stuff, the Swissgear Granada rolling case is a great alternative to consider, and despite the fact that it doesn’t come with free shipping, we think the shipping costs that you’ll have to pay when buying from a different part of the world are well worth paying.

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