For those that find themselves stumbling on trying to map out the whole lineage of Star Wars characters, here’s a really cool graphic that lays it out for you. It’ll come in very handy when the next movie, Episode VII, drops and will even help when you’re revisiting your favorite movie from one of the most iconic sci-fi franchise’s ever! So, Luke Skywalker hooks up with Mara Jade to create Ben Skywalker, while Princess Leia and Han Solo get married and have Anakin Solo, and twins Jacen Solo and Jaina Solo. The graphic also provides info on what part of the franchise these characters belong in, going from Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy and Expanded Universe. It is one of the coolest star wars gifts we have seen in a while. omething cooler you should watch is the best Star Wars commercials.

Kristie Bertucci

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