Smith and Wesson Throwing Axe Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Let’s pull away from chopping trees down or using hatchets for recreation and survival. What about throwing axes? Your average axe isn’t built for that—but the Smith and Wesson Throwing Axes are. Given that 3 come in a bundle and they’re balanced for throwing, it can be the best axe for fun and games. So, is it one of the best tools out there? Find out for yourself in this review!

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Why We Like It – Smith and Wesson Throwing Axe

These small axes are curved, balanced, and come in a bundle of three for one simple purpose: to throw them at a tree or target. Ideal choice for practice.

  • Bundle of 3 throwing axes
  • Balanced for throwing
  • One piece design
  • Strictly for sport
  • Bottle opener is useless

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For such small axes, the balance in the Smith and Wesson Throwing Axes is quite good. Three sharpened edges were added for level throwing and increased maximum surface area. And the axes themselves have a nice curve to them that allow for that rotational energy to keep going. Since these are Smith and Wesson, they’re really sharp, too. With one good swing and accuracy, you can stick this into any nearby tree.

What they won’t do is provide survival features. You can’t cut wood like a Fiskars Super Splitting Axe, nor provide versatility like the Husqvarna 26 Wooden Multi-purpose Axe. It doesn’t even stack up against a Coleman Camp Axe. It’s simply for throwing.


The Smith Wesson HawkEye Throwing Axes are some of the lightest axes on our list—even lighter than the venerable SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe. Each of the three axes weighs 8 oz, with a combined weight of 2.4 lbs, and they all fit inside a durable nylon sheath. They’re of a one piece design, but lack any grip. At the end of the axes, however, is a bottle opener. Quite frankly, it’s useless. While it works just fine, not every tool under the sun needs a bottle opener at the end. Encouraging drinking and throwing knives or axes probably isn’t the best idea.


Given the good performance of the Smith and Wesson Throwing Axes, with nice balance to compensate, we can certainly give it our seal of good value. This is especially true when realizing that you get three axes instead of one for less than $50. Of course, it should be noted that throwing these axes are all they’re good for. You won’t be chopping trees or using them as survival tools; it’s strictly for the fun and admiration of the sport.

Smith and Wesson Throwing Axe Wrap Up

The Smith and Wesson Throwing Axes are meant for one thing: entertainment. That’s why they’re balanced for throwing, have a one piece design, and come in bundles of 3. Even the bottle opener on the end—useless as it is—was meant for added fun. You aren’t taking these on a camping trip or to cut trees. All you do is throw.

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