Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The original console, the Sega Genesis, ushered in a whole new generation of games and gamers alike in its time. Being able to capture great games from that era is tough, not without looking hard. Don’t bother! Instead, 42 (mostly) great games were crammed into this mini Sega Genesis replica and with four Genesis controllers to boot, making it the best gaming console to experience that era of bliss.

Why We Like It – Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console

Take a ride into the past with this mini retro console; speed through Green Hills as Sonic, go on an adventure in Shining Force, or duke it out with a friend on Street Fighter II. You can also play old games in the console described in our Retroduo 3 0 nessnes game console review.

  • Comes with 42 games
  • Includes four controllers
  • Video output through HDMI
  • Can’t add more games


Unlike the original Genesis, a few improvements have been made. You don’t have to switch cartridges to play games and video is exported through an HDMI cable, like a PlayStation 4 Slim. So video resolution always looks nice and clear. But if you want to, a CRT filter can be added for nostalgia. Genesis games played almost flawlessly, a rare sight to see across 42 games. The mini consoles might have hiccups, but even powerful machines like a Microsoft Xbox One S has the occasional graphical glitch.


The Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console was lovingly crafted, right down to the colored reset button, which is used for the main menu and game selection. The Japanese version, the Mega Drive Mini is a bit more colorful, however. As usual with mini consoles, it’s a miniature version of the original Sega Genesis. What isn’t smaller are the controllers, which there are four of. The console comes with two controllers, the three button controllers, in addition to two six button Genesis controllers. Those are ideal for playing video games like Street Fighter II. For a console that blurs the line between reality and the virtual world, read about the Playstation 4 pro review.


The Genesis Mini Sega Retro Console is a bundle that was made for Sega fans, and so much value has been crammed inside. Rather than get 20 mediocre SNES classic games, the Sega Genesis Mini comes packed with 42 games, most of which are amazing! Of course, Sega games like Shining Force but then there’s Mega Man, Monster World IV and Road Rash. In addition to 42 games, you get four controllers, two of which are obviously superior to their 3-button counterparts.

We would’ve really liked to add more, however. Unlike the Nintendo Store on the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console, you can’t add additional games.

Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console Wrap Up

Concluding our Sega Genesis Mini Review, this retro gaming console provides a unique experience the SNES or NES retro consoles fail to provide: a worthy game library. You have 42 games to choose from—that output high-quality images thanks to HDMI—you’ll definitely be putting one of four controllers to work on the Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console. We only wish more games could be added.

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