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This isn’t your everyday best tabletop radio for listening like the Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet and Soundance SDY019, but the RunningSnail is decidedly the one you want in emergency situations. Don’t think twice — get this just in case.

Why We Like It – RunningSnail NOAA Review

The RunningSnail NOAA Weather Radio is a must have for every home and emergency readiness kit. This emergency radio includes all the essentials for an emergency and, best of all, doesn’t require batteries or a power source to work.

  • Multiple ways to generate power for use
  • Tons of functionality in a compact radio
  • Extremely dependable and useful in power outages
  • Difficult to fully charge battery with solar panel


Think of all the things you’d like to have on hand during an emergency or power outage: an FM radio, an LED flashlight, and a power bank to keep your phone charged. Well, the RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio has all of those functionalities.

The battery life lasts a while. Up to 12 hours of flashlight use and six hours of radio. You can convert the flashlight into an LED reading light to give off more ambient light. The radio receives good radio reception and is easy to use for getting crucial weather alerts from the FM NOAA weather station.


The design of how the RunningSnail NOAA is powered is genius, because you can power and charge the device in several different ways. The radio has a hand crank and solar panel for when you’re in situations with no power, so you can always depend on being able to use it. The solar charging is great for outdoor use, like camping. It also has a Micro USB port for USB charging to charge its rechargeable battery and you can use AAA batteries as well. With the devices’ power bank, you can connect a USB cable from it to your phone to keep your phone charged.


There’s little reason not to have this RunningSnail radio in your home, especially if you live in an area with frequent inclimate weather. This radio includes everything you need to be prepared for an emergency situation. With a price point similar to the Panasonic RF-2400D radio with a ton more functionality, it’s a no brainer.

RunningSnail NOAA Review Wrap Up

This is the radio you want to have during emergency weather situations. You can easily receive the latest weather alert and have a light and power source should the power in your home go out. Having a flashlight and reading lamp in your radio is brilliant.

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