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If you’re looking for a basic robot, that’s fun to play with, the Really Rad Robots toy is worth a look. This remote control toy can provide countless hours of enjoyment to kids over five years old, and works with the Rad remote. It even beat the Mibro Really Rad to reach the top of our best robot toys for kids list.

Why We Like It – Really Rad Robot Toy

This robot comes from the makers of the Really Rad Robots Mibro and is a fun and entertaining robot toy for kids. It’s much simpler than the Rad Robots Mibro, but still comes with excellent features like Turbo Boost, Crash Recognition, and can record ten-second voice commands.

  • Voice Commands
  • Remote control
  • Crash Sensor
  • Not very educational
  • No option to switch off the sound
  • Batteries run out fairly fast


This Really Rad toy comes with a variety of remote-controlled moves like spin and dance controls. It also has a built-in crash sensor that will move it into another direction if it crashes into something. One of the coolest features of this Really Rad Robot is the ability to record voice messages. Children can record their message and then send the robot to deliver it to their friends. This toy also has other fantastic features like voice command and turbo boost. If you need a robot toy for younger kids please try the Top Race Dog Robot.


Compared to the Mibro Really Rad Robots new toy is simple yet fun. It comes in a cylindrical shape with large wheels on each end. The middle has a robotic face that flashes when it talks. This toy is designed to be interactive and can respond to voice commands with jokes and other sound effects. It can even use voice controls to make it breakdance, spin, and more. It uses three AAA batteries for the robot and another three for the remote. The Sikaye RC Robot may be better for older kids and has more commands.


The Really Rad Robots toy comes at an affordable price and offers many cool features to keep children entertained. It’s easy to control and moves really fast. It also has a built-in crash detection system that allows it to change course if it collides with anything. A feature that most children love are the jokes and other responses it makes when they use voice commands. When considering all the functions against the price, this robot offers great value for money. It’s available from Amazon and Moose toys, just like the Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot.

Really Rad Robot Toy Wrap Up

This robot from Rad Robots can be used for racing or to deliver recorded messages between friends. It can also respond to voice commands with a variety of responses. There’s also voice control functions to make it dance or spin. It isn’t the most educational toy, but some toys are just for having fun.

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