Rawlings Gold Glove Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
89 Expert Rating

The Rawlings Gold Glove is crafted with comfort and form in mind sparing no expense for style. Sporting 100% wool padding for the perfect pocket and a padded index finger for finger in or out players, it comes highly recommended for enthusiasts, pro and recreational alike. If you’re not sure whether this glove is right for you, we do have a list of the best baseball gloves around. We also recommend the sports equipment guide.

Why We Like It – Rawlings Gold Glove

There is a lot to love about the Gold glove series; it sports a wool palm lining and calfskin interior that keeps your hand dry for better control in the sandlot. Simply put, the Rawlings Gold glove is beautiful and doesn’t make concessions when it comes to performance as it was ergonomically designed for pick up and play as well as professional games.

  • Kip leather is lightweight and flexible.
  • Calfskin lining wicks away moisture.
  • Padded thumb sleeve for increased comfort.
  • Expensive.
  • No customization options.


The Rawlings Gold glove is expertly crafted with performance in mind. Featuring quality of life additions such as the wool palm lining and the Opti Core technology that this glove series is famous for, blending function and form. Ideal for pitchers given its size and low weight, thanks in large part to its kip leather, so standing out on the mound will never leave you wiped but can be enjoyed by players of every level and position. Fans of a bigger glove may be interested in the Wilson A2000 Baseball glove, a top pick for our best baseball gloves.


The Rawlings Gold Glove is made from genuine kip leather, notable for its flexibility and offering greater control in-game as it wicks away moisture, so your hand is dry when the match is over. The Gold glove is modeled after professional baseball gloves, and each is individually numbered. No two gloves are the same. This Rawlings glove also features gold trim and stitching paired with the deep brown of its tanned leather, making for a beautifully crafted glove. A more subtle alternative would be the Rawlings Renegade Baseball glove for its game ready condition and low weight.


While these are fantastic baseball gloves, they are expensive. The kip leather and cotton palm lining are an excellent addition for those who would like the extra padding and control, but it is on the higher end of the price range for amateur or recreational players. Visually stunning as baseball gloves, the Rawlings Gold Baseball glove will make you stand out given its signature style. If you’re looking to invest this season, the Gold glove series isn’t a bad bet, but for those sticking to a budget, our recommendation is the Franklin Sports Baseball glove.

Rawlings Gold Glove Wrap Up

With its palm lining, kip leather, and Opti Core technology, this is a great glove series for up and coming pros looking for a replacement but can be alienating for those with less money to burn. If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd, the gold trim and stitching will captivate your friends without sacrificing on comfort.