Radix One Slim Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
88 Expert Rating

With rounded, angled dimensions, the Radix One Slim Wallet could be one of the Best Cool Wallets for its tactile design. Look past that, and you’ll find it shares a few similarities to the Best Front Pocket Wallet. After all, it’s very slim in nature. If you’re a minimalist at heart, you might have already fallen in love.

Why We Like It – Radix One Slim Wallet

Picking up the Radix One Slim Wallet means you don’t have time, space, or need to carry more than the essential items: your cash and cards. If you’re entering the minimalist’s life, this can be a gamechanger.

  • Can handle up to 10 cards
  • Silicone band holds onto cash
  • Affordable
  • Silicone band loses elasticity over time
  • Difficulty removing cards


The Radix Front Pocket Card Holder’s aesthetics aren’t for everyone, but it isn’t bizarre in the slightest. It’s going for a minimalist, tactile look, which many values over rugged leather or cloth. However, it’s due for a few more colors than five, most of which only change the band’s color.


Where the Herschel Charlie Wallet uses cloth, the Radix One Slim Wallet uses polycarbonate plastic. It’s far more durable than cloth and leather but less so than carbon fiber. It’s naturally resistant to impact and fracturing, which is great if you plan on going outdoors and general, everyday carry. However, if you love a leather wallet, The Bull Captain Wallet is a good example of a genuine leather wallet made from Cowhide leather and features breathable polyester lining.


The Radix One Slim Wallet is painfully simple with its features. It’s essentially a glorified money clip. It’s designed to carry only two items: cash and 10 debit/credit cards. You’ll find that it works as intended, for the most part. Since the cards are rubbing together, they might experience scratching. Also, the silicone band, while initially strong and durable, may lose its elasticity over time. It’s at least better than what the Crabby Wallet provides.

Size & Versatility

There’s no doubt about it: the Radix One Slim Wallet makes good on its promise. It is very slim, only measuring 3.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches in size. Even after adding a few cards, you won’t notice the increase in size.


The Radix One Slim Wallet is very simple in nature; it’s meant to hold essential aspects of a wallet. It drastically cuts down on what it can hold, but Radix also went with a meager price of $13. Considering what it accomplishes, we’d say that’s right on the money. If you want more than that, you’re looking in the wrong place. Go with the Vaultskin Notting Hill Wallet instead.

Radix One Slim Wallet Wrap Up

If the minimalist life is calling your name, wallets tend to be one of the easiest items to replace. And the Radix One Slim Wallet can make that transition easier. Is it feature-rich? No. Stylish? In a tactical sense. It holds 10 cards and cash, and that’s the essentials. Just know it can be difficult removing cards or that the silicone band will lose its luster over time.