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If you like an industrial look to Best Cool Wallets, the Radix One might strike your fancy with its steel construction and silicone band. When sandwiched between its steel plates, a functional level of RFID protection is implemented, a feature the Best RFID Wallet needs to qualify. But it’s also thin and minimalist, which often is a sign of the Best Tactical Wallet.

Why We Like It – Radix One

The Radix One could be the answer minimalists seek. Its highly durable construction adds longevity to the equation, on top of protecting ten cards from RFID frequencies.

  • Carries up to 10 debit/credit cards
  • Heavy duty
  • RFID protection
  • Potentially scratch cards
  • Silicone band could be tighter


It’s a shame the Radix One Card Holder doesn’t do much with its presentation. It looks tactical and industrial but lacks any substantive graphics or design. There aren’t any color options to make matters worse, so it’s just two black plates squishing together cards. If you want to color in your life, go with the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet.


That’s not to say its durability suffers, however. Having two stainless steel plates holding your cards means having fantastic durability over carbon fiber. On top of that, the silicone band on the outside is pretty thick, meaning it should take a considerable amount of effort to break it. The same can be said about the tough Flipside Wallet.


When in use, the Radix One is mixed. On the one hand, it holds up to 10 cards simultaneously, plus the silicone band holds money (or more cards); on the other hand, its steel can cause scratching on the cards, and the silicone band could be tighter. Working with less than four cards may feel too loose to some people, similar to the problems of money clips. Those cards are protected, however, not just by the metal but the RFID layer within. If you want a larger wallet that is hand washable and can hold 13 cards, try the Timberland Wallet.

Size & Versatility

But you can’t deny that it’s thin! It measures 3.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches in size, leaving it incredibly easy to slip into your pocket (front or back) and forget about it. Unfortunately, it’s heavier than most wallets, so once you notice it’s there, you can’t stop—especially if you’re wearing thin shorts.


Is the Radix One worth it? It depends on the aesthetics and purpose you’re after. If you prefer tactile-looking wallets, then go for it. The Radix One is priced in a way you won’t regret picking one up if you find it isn’t for you down the line. But if you want a bit of style, minimalist design, and better price, the Travelambo Wallet is an easy win.

Radix One Wrap Up

You can look past the bland presentation of the Radix One; you can’t look past the possibility of scratching cards or a loose silicone band. Both are a recipe for disaster. Yes, it’s a heavy-duty wallet with RFID protection. And yes, it holds up to 10 cards, plus money. However, it doesn’t do much to shake away the competition.

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