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The best central vacuum should be one free of the use of bags, a design choice the Prolux CV12000 is very familiar with. Instead, it’s replaced with a quick-release bin—no bag required! So take advantage of the central vacuum power unit’s 150 CFM and multitude of power nozzle hose kit.

Why We Like It – Prolux CV12000

Thanks to a dual-stage motor, the Prolux CV12000 takes on 12000-square feet with ease, while helping you save money by avoiding the use of disposable bags.

  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Quick release bin; no bag required
  • 150 CFM hose power
  • A bit on the louder side
  • Weights 60 lbs


Wielding 150 CFM is what dust and debris are afraid of, sucking it up with ease. It doesn’t matter if your floors are hard or carpeted, it can and will rip the dirt free from its hiding place. And since it’s AC powered, you are always feeling the full force of its dual-stage power head motor.

Speed & Efficiency

One of the most positive results of having so much hose power is the ability to cover 150 cubic feet per minute. That is an ideal feature for cleaning areas as large as 12,000-sq ft. Even the Allegro MU4500 Champion isn’t far behind in terms of CFM, and yet it’s only rated for half as much square feet.

Capacity & Maintenance

Up to 5 gallons of debris can be collected in the Prolux Central Vacuum System CV1200. Since it doesn’t use bags, nor reusable HEPA filters, there is some extra maintenance required. Occasionally clean out the dust bin and washable HEPA filter, and you’re good to go.


The Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuums are made primarily of steel, coated with powder scratch resistant paint for added durability. Since it’s around 55 lbs, we wouldn’t advise carrying it around like canister vacs backpack vacs central units; instead, mount it to a nearby wall.


If you wanted to have a comprehensive package, the Prolux CV12000 won’t disappoint. Not only do you get the central vacuum unit itself, but also additional accessories—and not just the hose like the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner tries to pull. There’s an electric hose, power nozzle kit, and various brush tools. The central vacuum kit alone is a great deal, one the Prolux Vacuum should take notes on.

Prolux CV12000 Wrap Up

It’s hard to see the Prolux CV1200 Central Vacuum Hose Kit as other than the best central vacuum systems; you get just about everything you need in terms of accessories, while getting powerful vacuum cleaners. You benefit greatly from a washable HEPA filter and quick-release bin that doesn’t require bags to use, with 150 CFM for optimal floor care.

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