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The Parlos Centerset Bathroom Faucet is a great, affordable faucet that will last you quite a while thanks to its high-quality construction of nickel and other alloys. The install may require plumber’s putty, but with all the money you save when buying this you can no doubt afford it. Check out our list of best bathroom faucets for more great options!

Why We Like It – Parlos 13598 Bathroom Faucet

The Faucet Parlos, with its lead-free ratings and three different finishes to choose from (and one of which isn’t stainless steel. Hallelujah), should be a faucet you consider when deciding on a bathroom faucet. The centerset design even comes with extra goodies to make installation that much easier and the faucet itself more durable.

  • Double Handle for Water Rate and Temperature Control
  • High Quality Construction
  • Affordable
  • Install Requires Plumber’s Putty
  • No Brand Promise


Parlos Two Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets has, as you may have guessed, a double handle. This offers you an easy water flow rate while allowing you to adjust water temperature at the same time. But if a single handle bathroom faucet with a single hole is more your speed, consider the Faucet Single Handle Bathroom Assembly 567LF PP for a more minimalist design and only one hole. The Parlos Faucet also meets lead free standards, CUPC and NSF61, so the water is safe to drink. This fact should definitely convince you to get one!


Parlos Two Handle Faucets contain a brushed nickel finish which is anti-slip and helpful in avoiding any in-home accidents. The drain assembly included with the faucet also offers supply lines to allow for easy installation and fast water drainage. The Parlos Lavatory Faucet is constructed from high quality nickel and other alloys so it should be able to last you quite a while. The BWE Waterfall Spout is also constructed using high quality materials and makes a quality bathroom faucet too. Check out the BWE Waterfall Single Commercial Bathroom if you’re interested!


The Parlos 13598 Bathroom Sink Faucet comes with three different finishes, but a chrome finish isn’t one of them. But hey, at least it doesn’t come in stainless steel which is the bane of cleaning solutions everywhere. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a brand promise, which is a tad worrying, so check out the Brushed Centerset Lead Free Bathroom BF015 1 BN for a great one. The Parlos retails for $42.00 over on Amazon though which is an absolute steal of a price!

Parlos 13598 Bathroom Faucet Wrap Up

The Parlos 13598 Two Handles Bathroom Faucet’s most troubling feature is the lack of a brand promise. But the high quality nickel construction of the faucet should make it last for quite a while. So why would you need an extensive brand promise? Still, I guess it would be nice to have one for peace of mind.

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