Palram Vitoria 5000 Carport & Patio Cover Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Palram vitoria 5000 carport & patio cover is a sturdy carport that will protect you and your vehicles from UV damage. The Palram vitoria carport from our Best Carport Cover list is an elite choice if you are trying to protect your vehicles because once it is set up, it will provide shade, and it will require little maintenance.

Why We Like It – Palram Vitoria 5000 Carport & Patio Cover

The Palram vitoria 5000 carport & patio cover is a strong aluminum frame that protects your car from 100% of UV light. This structure is coated with a powder finish that makes it rust resistant and it requires very low maintenance. The patio cover comes with a limited warranty after purchase. This frame provides protections for your vehicles or you can use it to hang out in your front patio and be protected from weather conditions.

  • Possessions will be 100% UV Protected
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Expensive, but definitely worth its money


The frame provides protection with an unbreakable 6mm twin wall polycarbonate panel. The roof color reflects over 80% of light transmission, and it has its own rain gutters to drain out the water itself. The rust resistant powder coated finish also makes it corrosion resistant. Pre cut panels are included in the product, so it is an easy set up that requires no special tools which is a relief for homeowners with limited tools. If you would like to find other heavy duty carports, another great choice is the Abba patio carport portable sidewalls.


In regards to the dimensions of the carport, is 197” length x 114.5” width x 94.5” height. The polycarbonate roof panels reduce a majority of light transmissions which protects all the items under the roof. The virtually unbreakable galvanized steel structure is rust resistant, and will require little upkeep. The all around structure that will bring you peace of mind because it has a sturdy design that is resistant to various weather conditions. There is no door available to seal your valuables in, and if you prefer these open design carports you may also want to check out the Crown Shades portable carport cover.


While it may be a little more on the expensive end, there is no doubt that this patio cover earned its value by being extremely durable and easy to construct on our own. Every patio cover covers with a 10 year warranty in case of any defects or issues. You can take advantage of free shipping which will save you some bucks, but it still leaves a significant amount to purchase. If you would like to see less expensive options another great option may be the Quictent 10x20ft upgraded reinforced cables blue.

Palram Vitoria 5000 Carport & Patio Cover Wrap Up

The Palram vitoria 5000 carport & patio cover is an elite carport because aside from giving you and your vehicles UV protections, it maintains itself with the Basalt Grey powder design that eliminates rust and corrosion and the rain gutters that drain out water. The structure protects vehicles, but it can also make a good area to hang out in while out on your front patio.

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