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If we’re being honest, the Pacsafe RFID Wallet isn’t exactly in league with the Best Cool Wallets, but it can serve as the Best Passport Holder if you’re concerned with theft. Its main focus is being functional, which it does beautifully. It incorporates RFID blocking into its design, along with a cut-resistant dyneema strap.

Why We Like It – Pacsafe RFID Wallet

The Pacsafe RFID Wallet puts its name to the research by incorporating two major anti-theft measures: a cut-resistant dyneema strap and RFID blocking, in addition to handling your passport and important cards.

  • Anti theft RFID blocking
  • Cut-resistant dyneema strap
  • Can also hold debit/credit cards
  • Not aesthetically pleasing


Taking one good look at the Pacsafe RFID Travel Wallet and you’ll notice it isn’t actually the most pleasing to look at. It isn’t ugly, per say, but it certainly isn’t a fashion statement of any kind, whereas the GDTK Leather Passport Holder has a nice leather look. Thankfully, its purpose isn’t hindered.


The Pacsafe RFID Wallet incorporates several kinds of material, depending on where you look. For example, the outside is made of tough nylon; while the strap itself is actually cut-resistant dyneema. You get strength and anti-theft measures!


It may not look cool and hip, but the Pacsafe RFID Wallet is more concerned with performance. In fact, one of its best features isn’t one that you see. The wallet itself has anti-theft RFID blocking, which prevents anyone with an RFID reader accessing data between 10MHz and 3GHz. The Zoppen Passport Holder also has RFID blocking for a cheaper price.

Size & Versatility

The Pacsafe RFID Wallet measures 5.12 x 0.79 x 6.69 inches and weighs 5 ounces without items. It’s a bit big for your pockets, but rather a strap for your shoulder. Opening it up, however, and you’ll find a nice selection of pockets. You can hold up to 6 cards, two pouches with zippers, a loop for a pen, and a slot for your passport. As a bonus, both US and European passports fit.


There’s a lot of value here, not only in the sense of performance and usefulness, but also two major anti-theft measures. Sure, it could have looked prettier for the price you’re paying, but if you prefer functionality over everything else, the value here is immeasurable. All it’s missing is a place for your smartphone, which the Zoppen Multi Purpose Travel Passport Wallet has.

Pacsafe RFID Wallet Wrap Up

With everything you get from the Pacsafe RFID Wallet, this is by far one of the best wallets to have on your person if you frequently travel. It not only provides a safe place to keep your passport and debit/credit cards, it keeps them protected via RFID blocking and a cut-resistant dyneema strap.

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