Oculus Quest Gaming Console Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Don’t have a powerful PC but still want to dive into VR? Oculus new Oculus Quest Gaming Console is right here. Don’t worry about a PC because you don’t need one! Everything is done with built-in hardware in the headset. With accurate controls and great games, it’s the best gaming console to experience VR without any hassle.

Why We Like It – Oculus Quest Gaming Console

A standalone system, the Quest is one of the best ways to experience virtual reality for yourself. Fitted with accurate controls and sensitive sensors, to experience VR so fluidly at this price point is hard to argue with.

  • All-in-one system; no PC required
  • Hand controllers are comfortable and highly accurate
  • Very portable
  • Has trouble in smaller areas
  • Expensive


The Oculus Quest Gaming Console offers a very different experience than, say, a Nintendo Switch Gaming Console. Getting to play games with that first person perspective—that’s you!—is unique to VR. Accuracy is important, however. Controlling your actions in-game was rarely an issue as the controllers and headset work together to create a highly accurate representation of your movements and translate it to the games. The visisuals aren’t 4K but are very clear with its OLED display.

Of course, there are some downsides. The Oculus Quest Gaming Console runs on mobile hardware. You won’t get the same graphical fidelity you would on a PC VR like the Oculus Rift.


What makes the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset so enticing is the lack of external hardware. Mobile VR headsets like the Quest are designed to give you the freedom to walk around, whereas the Oculus Go is less concerned. To get started you pick up the ever so comfortable Oculus Touch controllers and create a play space for the first time. This means you can move in the real world which feels like you’re moving in-game. The headset itself has built-in sensors that act like external sensors would and use the controllers (AA batteries needed) as anchors.


As far as value goes, the Quest Oculus has created is in a unique position. In the most important areas the HTC Vive has more power underneath, but our Oculus Quest review revealed the Quest has more features to offer—especially when it comes to compatibility. And it does that for $250 cheaper. Let’s not forget some of the best VR games are on the Quest, games like Beat Saber and Superhot VR.

The argument can be made that a PlayStation 4 Slim game console fitted with a PSVR is a better VR experience, at least when it comes to games. The Microsoft Xbox One S, however, doesn’t have an equivalent. All that extra power and better library comes at a cost, however—but not nearly as much as a high end gaming PC would.

Oculus Quest Gaming Console Wrap Up

The Oculus Quest Gaming Console is a standalone VR gaming system; you don’t need a powerful PC, though you’ll still pay a pretty penny. It doesn’t have the prettiest graphics but it makes up for it with comfortable controllers and a surprisingly accurate tracking system—just give yourself at least an 8×8-foot space. If you want to experience VR without spending much, this is it.

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