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Noco Jumpstarter In Review

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Despite its small size, the NOCO Genius boost battery starter packs enough power to jump start your car up to 20 times on just one single charge, making it a valuable asset to pack for every time you go on a road trip. The jump starter delivers up to 1000 amps at peak power, and is spark proof to offer ultimate protection. Charging after use is also easy as you only need a USB cable or a 12V car charger. The Noco Genius Starter is fitted with a 2.1A USB port that can power other USB devices such as your watch, portable bluetooth speakers or tablets, and it is these kinds of add-ons that earn it a mention on our best jump starter list. Hang around to find out how well this sample from Noco Genius is able to handle your car in this portable jump starter review.

Why We Like It – Noco Jump Starter

You’ll say goodbye to car battery problems once you get the NOCO GB40 jump starter safely stored at the back of your car. Whether you’re driving a huge truck or a normal sized vehicle, the Genius Boost Plus jump starter will always ensure that you never get stuck because of your battery. Also, find out about the best head unit for your car by reading our review on the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX First Look.

  • Upto 20 jumpstarts on 1 charge
  • Comes with a Flashlight
  • Light & compact in size
  • Thick plastic covering on jump cables


At first blush, the Noco Genius Boost doesn’t seem powerful enough to start up a big car, but just like the BEATIT G18 Jumpstarter, it is capable of waking up a 6.0-liter gas powered vehicle as well as a 3-liter diesel engine without much strain. It’s jumper cables are not quite as long, but then again, when you’re under your car’s hood you won’t need them to be. Inside the Boost plus GB40 is an ultrasafe lithium battery that is powerful enough for up to 20 jumpstarts with one charge. To keep it that powerful all through, you want to make sure that you get it well charged (for 3 hours) after each use.


The Noco Genius Boost jump starter can best be described as lightweight and compact. It weighs about 2.7 pounds, and compared to other jump starters like the Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660, it is pretty small. The battery booster comes with a 4-level LED battery charge indicator, 2 USB ports and an LED flashlight. In terms of build quality, the GB40 portable lamp comes with a rubberized casing to keep it’s surfaces scratch free, and a 4 LED indicators that let you know how much energy its battery has in store.

Although, if you find this device not working, you’ll want to test it with a top multimeter.


For added convenience, the Noco GeniusBoost jump starter also comes with a bright 100 Lumen LED flashlight that you can use in case you’re trying to revive a dead battery in the middle of the night. Plus, when you have great lights for your garage so you can find it easier. Car users will also benefit from its reverse polarity protection feature in case you get the terminals mixed up, and once done jumpstarting, it’ll need to be left charging for up to 3 hours until it is back up to full capacity. It’s not as light as the TACKLIFE T8 800A, but the ultrasafe lithium jump starter is still very easy to handle or carry around.

Noco Jump Starter Wrap Up

Having this Genius Boost jump starter at hand will always ensure that you’re able to kickstart your car back to life whenever your battery stalls. Get your jump starter now from Amazon.com and you’ll never have to worry about your battery dying again.

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