Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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With the Nintendo Switch going from two years to three years old, now is the time to consider picking up the best Nintendo console—or perhaps the best gaming console to date. Its ability to play Switch games at home and on the go is unrivaled, making playing the best titles Nintendo has to offer that much more enticing.

Why We Like It – Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

An experience that no other console can offer, the Switch can go from a home console to a handheld in one swift movement. Being able to play Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda Breath of the Wild on the go has never felt so good.

  • A handheld console and home console in one
  • Games tend to favor style over graphics
  • Has an affordable variant
  • Controllers take some time getting used to
  • Online service could be better


Let’s start this Nintendo Switch review by addressing one question: does the Switch run above 1080p? No. It’s limited to 1080p. Either way, it runs beautifully in both handheld mode and while docked. It helps that games tend to favor style of the latest and greatest graphics. In particular, the Joy Cons are incredibly accurate. Games like TES: Skyrim and Mario Kart benefit greatly from accuracy.

One feature that could be better is the Nintendo Switch online service. It’s worth getting if you plan to play online. Offering free games is a step in the right direction.


With the Switch Nintendo captured lightning in a bottle with its design, more so than the Wii U. Every Switch comes with two joy con controllers, one right joy con and one left joy con; the power button is located on the Switch. Many third party and first party titles can actually turn two Joy Cons into separate controllers. Great games like Mario Kart 7 only need a single Joy Con to play.

The Joy Cons (and Joy Con Grip) take time getting used to, unlike the PS4 Pro controller—especially if you have big hands; otherwise playing games isn’t an issue. The console has three modes: Big Screen, handheld, and tabletop mode. Slide the game console onto the dock for Big Screen, remove for Handheld, and pull the stand out in the back for Tabletop mode.


Having access to your library of Nintendo titles wherever you are is a godsend. Playstation 4 Slim and Microsoft Xbox One S (including the Xbox One X) have their mobile options, but not like Nintendo Switch consoles offer. And with so many Nintendo Switch deals, it’s hard not to grow a sizable library. After all, you can play games like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

On a side note, Nintendo offers a cheaper option for the Switch: a handheld version that removes Big Screen mode for strictly handheld use, without sacrificing performance. It makes it easy to enjoy, unlike the Oculus Quest Gaming Console.

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Wrap Up

Once you get used to the controllers, the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console really opens up to you. It’s then you’ll truly enjoy the colorful games it has to offer, whether you’re being a potato at home or on the bus and have some free time. And having a cheaper option open makes it that much sweeter. Its online service is good, but could be better, however.

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