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Izuku truly desires to become a superhero, and even though the odds are stacked against him he will go through hell to give it his best try. During the first season, he encounters his favorite superhero All Might, and discovers some secrets. This series is on our Best Shows On Hulu along with other great cartoons like Bob’s Burgers.

Why We Like It – My Hero Academia Review

My Hero Academia is a manga series about superheroes. The majority of heroes in this town were born with “quirks” that give them special powers. Izuku was born without superpowers, which makes him feel extremely different from everyone else. This superpower deficiency does not stop Izuku from trying to become a hero, even as his colleagues tell him that it is a lost cause.

  • Creative superheroes
  • Intense battles
  • The protagonist has no superpowers


Izuku is a timid person. He is optimistic that he still has what it takes to become a hero, but he is not sure if the lack of a “quirk” will cost him his dreams. In the first season, we will see him try to pass a test at school to be certified as a hero. After catching up on Izuku’s story, check out The Handmaid’s Tale from our list, it’s a sci-fi thriller about a totalitarian state.


This manga series was produced by Funimation. It started as a manga book, but now it is streaming on Hulu. In this series, we can expect to see everything from intense battles, incredible superpowers, and terrible enemies. This series has everything to be a cult classic manga. But if these anime don’t interest you, a great realistic drama from our list is Atlanta.


My Hero Academia is a great manga series because of the constant action. With great mangas like this, we can expect to see epic superheroes take on dangerous enemies. The heroes go through a lot of character development as they are inspired by Izuku’s bravery. This kind of series shows that you don’t need superpowers to make a change. Once you are caught up on all the action, balance out your watchlist with the short series The Act.

My Hero Academia Review Wrap Up

This is a great manga series to watch because it focuses on a hero without superpowers. The powers that Izuku does have are great qualities like bravery and fearlessness. Right now there are only 4 seasons to catch up on, so feel free to see what Izuku will make of himself.

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