Mosdart 32GB Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
85 Expert Rating

If you need to store your pictures, documents, or other information, it’s worth getting a USB flash stick. The Mosdart 32GB comes in a pack with five different sticks so you have more than enough space for your information and can even share them with friends. The Mosdart 32GB comes at an affordable price and made our best USB flash drive list.

Why We Like It – Mosdart 32GB

The Mosdart 32GB USB flash drive is one of the most affordable in the United States and comes with five flash drives in a pack. They offer high speed data transfers and have excellent verified purchase customer reviews on Amazon Prime.

  • LED Indicator light
  • Good write speed
  • Five USB flash drives in a pack
  • Only compatible with USB 2.0
  • Not shockproof or waterproof
  • No included software


When it comes to performance, the Mosdart pack comes five sticks in a pack which makes a total of over 150 GB. Each stick can take an average of 8,000 photos, 72 hours of video, 5,900 songs, and 438 minutes of HD video. Apart from the total storage capacity, these sticks have a write speed of 5 to 7MB/sec and a read speed of 12 to 15 MB/sec. If you’re looking for a faster stick, please try the PNY Turbo USB Flash Drive.


The Mosdart 32GB comes with a plastic body and a 360-degree metal clip with an integrated key chain loop to make it easy to store. This USB flash drive also has an LED indicator to visually show if it’s in use. The Mosdart 32GB also comes in bright colors including white, black, red, green, and blue. This stick is also compatible with most interfaces including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Whether you’re a new customer or a student, this stick will be able to keep your data safe. Another great stick is the Sandisk Cruzer CZ36.


The Mosdart 32GB comes at a good price and still manages to include five USB sticks in the pack. Altogether these sticks have enough space for lots of video, photos, and documents. They can even be shared with friends and family. This stick also has decent read and write speeds and is compatible with most devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Mosdart 32GB offers exceptional value for money and can compete with other great sticks like Kingston Datatraveler.

Mosdart 32GB Wrap Up

The Mosdart 32GB is very affordable and comes in a pack with five USB flash sticks. They have enough space for photos, videos, music, and documents, as well as decent read and write speeds. Unlike many flash sticks, the Mosdart 32GB isn’t shockproof or waterproof. However, it’s still reliable for most day to day use.

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