Montblanc Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Montblanc Wallet is definitely as high-class of a wallet as you can get. Retailing at $230.00, which can net you an Amazon Prime subscription for almost two years, you will definitely be making a statement when you’re out and about with this wallet. Check out our best cool wallets list to find the right wallet for you!

Why We Like It – Montblanc Wallet

The Montblanc Wallet is a beautifully designed Men’s Wallet that comes with an array of great features. While it’s biggest drawbacks may be both its size and price, for those looking for a traditional wallet, made of traditional leather materials, to carry everything they possibly could, while impressing with its quality, the Montblanc Wallet is for you. What type of passport wallet do yo have for your travels? For a recommendation, check out our Michael Kors passport holder review. For another high quality wallet for your everyday use, you should take a look at our review of the Zenlet wallet.

  • Optimal storage capacity
  • Beautifully and sturdily designed
  • Array of customization options on the Montblanc Website
  • Large and bulky
  • Hard to fit in your front pocket
  • Expensive


The Montblanc Wallet is a large wallet, to be sure, but it does have optimal carrying capacity for your credit cards, banknotes, ID’s, and other things you may want to include inside. However, because it is so large it will be quite difficult to fit the wallet in your front pocket. It’s more so a back pocket type of wallet. And if you happen to be dressing up for a night out your sport jacket’s inside pocket is probably the best place to put it. Try the ARW Slim Cool Wallet if you absolutely need something smaller to carry around. Ever considered combining your phone with your wallet? For a phone cover case that you can securely place your cards and cash, read our Mujjo leather wallet iPhone 6 case review.


The Montblanc Wallet houses six credit card slots, two cash compartments, two view pockets, and an additional three pockets. If six card slots is a little on the large size, please try the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet which has five credit card slots but can hold up to six credit cards. The Montblanc Wallet measures 4.72”x4.72”x4.72” so it’s not exactly the slimmest or the most minimalist wallet around. Still, it’s designed sturdy with black Italian full grain cowhide leather, jacquard lining, and gunmetal hardware.


The Montblanc Wallet retails on Amazon for $230 which, admittedly, isn’t cheap and enough to drive away anyone on a budget. But it does qualify you for free shipping in the United States, so that’s nice. If you’re looking for something on the more inexpensive side, try the Travando Slim Cool Wallet. If you visit the Montblanc website and sign-up for their newsletter with your email address you can receive an additional $15 off, along with many other cool features like free personalization.

Montblanc Wallet Wrap Up

The Montblanc Wallet oozes class and civility, but at a price. If you’re willing to pay, then go for it. If you’re not the minimalist type and prefer to carry everything on you because, well, just in case, then again, go for it. But if you do, why not take advantage of the customization options Montblanc offers. They’re free, and you’re already paying $230, so why not?