Midea Window Air Conditioner Review

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Updated May 18, 2023
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You want your room to be cold, but you also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. With this Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner, you’ll enjoy 24 hours of temperature settings to save money while you’re away or while sleeping. If you’re in the market for a window A/C unit like the Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5,000 BTU Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, we recommend you take a look at our best window air conditioner lineup. You may also want to compare this unit with other top-tier air conditioners available today.

Why We Like It – Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

For this unit, you’ll find a modest price combined with enhanced functionality to create a U-shaped air conditioner. It’s ideal for smaller rooms to create a perfectly customized cool environment. 8,000 BTUs cool up to 250 square feet, and with the Wi-Fi-enabled, it can be controlled from anywhere with your phone or Amazon Alexa. For a larger capacity U-shaped unit, consider the Midea 12000 BTU air conditioner. You can also compare a portable AC vs window AC to see which will be best suited for your home.

  • 6,000 BTUs (250 sq ft)
  • 24-hour programmable system
  • Remote included and LED control panel
  • Excessive condensation inside


This easy-to-install air conditioner is rated for rooms up to 250 square feet and is also designed to act as a dehumidifier, or fan-only to help with air circulation. Read our comparison of a dehumidifier and an AC if you aren’t sure what the differences are. For a ductless unit that can cool spaces of up to 500 sq feet, check out the MRCOOL mini split air conditioner. Since the Midea is U-shaped, rest assured it won’t fall out Like other window air conditioners such as the Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. Plus, you’ll find it won’t allow bugs to enter through the AC vents.

It’s an ultra-quiet window A/C unit that connects to your Google Assistant through Wi-Fi; it can also take voice commands once it’s set up. This is just like the Sensibo Sky smart air conditioner controller. Moreover, with a high energy star rating, this Midea A/C window unit makes traditional A/C window units, like the LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, obsolete. For more top-rated mini splits, check out our guide.

Speaking of performance, if you want the air conditioner to last, make sure you know how to insulate a window unit the right way.


With the U-shaped design, the Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner is perfect for a smart home. Plus, you’ll be able to seal the window around the AC unit. As it’s the first window A/C that is U-shaped, you might be surprised it has both voice control and remote control. On top of all this, the Midea U-shaped A/C still provides an easy installation compared to other window units. Although, for a unit with similar features and more power, you’ll want to read our LG LW2217IVSM review.


The top Midea U reviews have raved about owning one of each BTU model and find few differences in the overall effectiveness of any given BTU unit when it comes to the Midea U-shaped air, as long as it fits into the window opening. With that in mind, you can read about another option from them with our Midea 10000 BTUs review. For more information about how an inverter air conditioner works, you’ll want to read our info articles.

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner Wrap Up

As a first of its kind, there are going to be some problems, such as condensation. Our advice would be to get it, but only if you don’t need it that often and live somewhere with a colder climate. However, this can make you think about an AC being frozen, and how long to defrost it. If you’d like to consider other small models, there are always the top-rated portable air conditioners.

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