MECO Electric Spin Scrubber Cleaning Review

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Updated June 1, 2023
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The MECO Electric Spin Bathroom Power Scrubber features a powerful built-in 20 watt motor, which can easily handle built-up dirt and grime. The rechargeable battery also gets more than an hour of continuous use out of a single charge, helping to make this the best tile scrubber that we researched. We also loved that it ships with a trio of brush heads for different use scenarios and that each brush head can easily be screwed on or off in seconds. Why not add it as one of the basic bathroom essentials?
Though the three included brush heads are suitable for large cleaning jobs, we found the corner piece attachment to be a bit too soft for our liking, so you may struggle a bit getting into the kinds of nooks and crannies often found on faucets. Keep our Best bathroom power scrubber guide in mind before you make your final choice.

Why We Like It – MECO electric spin scrubber cleaning

Highly powerful scrubber with a 20 watt motor and a rechargeable battery that gets more than an hour of use out off a single charge, in addition to shipping with a trio of durable brush heads that you can also find in the Meco electric scrubber rechargeable replaceable review.


  • Lightweight design
  • Rechargeable battery gets over an hour of use on a single charge
  • Ships with a trio of brush heads
  • Corner piece attachment is not that firm


With an ergonomic design the MECO Electric Spin Bathroom Power Scrubber stands out among the many power scrubbers on the market like the Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning. Caple of cleaning up some of the most crusted on gunk with its power spin it should meet the cleaning needs of anybody in need. This tool can clean up any type of sink and different faucets. In case you want to install a stylish, water conserving, and high-performance faucet, check out the Moen Eva 6410 bathroom faucet review.


While it doesn’t have a long handle like the Homitt Electric Adjustable Replaceable Extension it fits more comfortably in the hand is easier to put away when not in use and is lighter. Thanks to the alignment of the handle and motor we had little trouble in controlling the tip even on the highest settings.


In the purchase of the MECO Electric Spin Bathroom Power Scrubber your getting more then the Rubbermaid Scrubber General Cleaning 1839685 gives, with a flat brush for getting between the tiles to clean the grout, A corner brush that works for both the corners along with tight spaces like the ones you might find on a faucet, and lastly the Rounded brush that’s fantastic for general use on both flat and rounded surfaces.

MECO electric spin scrubber cleaning Wrap Up

In the end you’ll need a power scrubber with the best power for cleaning in our research and experience. We confidently believe this to be the best choice and one that will last you a few spotless years if not longer.