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If you’re looking for a slim wallet that can fit anywhere, the Machine Era Stainless Wallet is one of the best options. It’s designed to be unobtrusive yet practical and can hold up to seven cards, as well as some cash. The Machine Era is corrosion resistant and durable and perfect for everyday carry. This minimalist wallet is completely different from everything on our best cool wallets list.

Why We Like It – Machine Era Stainless Wallet

The Machine Era Wallet is lightweight and strong because it’s constructed from aerospace-grade titanium with a surrounding elastic band. It’s a compact and easy way to carry your cards and cash and can fit in nearly any pocket. This slim wallet also comes with a thumb slot that doubles as a bottle opener. If you’ve got many cards to fit in your wallet, no problem – the Plastic Digital Credit Card can fit up to 20 cards. But if you only want a clip to carry your cards and cash, go for the M clip aluminum money clip.

  • Durable
  • Slim
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Limited storage space
  • The elastic band has a limited lifespan
  • No coin storage


The Machine Era Wallet offers great performance. It’s super slim but can still accommodate up to seven cards, as well as cash. Despite its thin construction, this wallet is strong enough to resist bending or breaking and has clean lines with no sharp edges to irritate you. In terms of functionality, it has a thumb hole that can be used to easily remove your cards, and it also doubles as a bottle opener. If you need a wallet with secure RFID security, the ARW Slim Cool Wallet may be a better option. And if you want a wallet that is slim, durable, and strong, read more about it in our Magpul Daka everyday wallet review.


The Machine Era Wallet has one of the most minimalist designs on the market. It’s slim and light but extremely strong thanks to the aerospace-grade titanium construction. Titanium will never oxidize or rust and has a sleek silver color that doesn’t need to be painted in order to look attractive. This wallet has a weight of 0.6 oz, a length of 3.4-inches, a width of 2.25-inches, and is only 0.28-inches thick. It’s a complete departure from conventional wallets like the TRAVANDO Slim Cool Wallet.


This wallet is designed for people who don’t want something bulky that constantly needs to be opened. It can fit into the smallest of pockets and allows easy access to your cards and cash. Not only is it tough because of its titanium construction, but it’s also stylish and sophisticated. It also has a thumb hole that’s useful for opening bottles. It’s often out of stock due to its popularity and you might have to leave your email address for the supplier to get back to you. The Machine Era wallet has good value, just like Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet.

Machine Era Stainless Wallet Wrap Up

This wallet offers a slim compact and lightweight way to carry your cards and cash. There’s no opening and closing or worrying if it will fit in your pocket. It also has amazing build quality and comes with the added touch of a bottle opener. It may have limited storage space, but that’s the whole point of getting it.